Season 6 Episode 20

Loose Ends

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 04, 2000 on NBC

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  • Mark's father dies

    This episode... I do not know. It was not only the Mark's father and his last hours. The way he said that it was his best day when he became a doctor and he seems finally accepts his son decision. And the way he gives Elizabeth the pearls he gave to Mark's mother. It was so beautiful.

    But on the other storylines - Elizabeth trying to treat that young woman, who was so against every help and just wants to blow her life.

    And Carter. It seems that talking in the last episode help as he is sleeping and has his appetite back.
  • ...

    This wasn't my favourite episode. Firstly, I don't enjoy seeing the run-down moody Carol. Much as she has a right to be, I thought they emphasised the point enough and could have given her a little less screen-time this episode.
    Secondly, I have really enjoyed the Mark and his father story-line through all it's stages. Although I prefer his father as a lively, energetic man it's obvious we need this part of the plot too. But I found it quite wearisome, especially in quite a low episode anyway.
    However, I did enjoy Kovac's brief clash with Benton. It's good to know he's comfortable enough within the ER to defend himself against surgeons. I also liked Kerry's comforting Carol - some more proof that she is a generous and kind-spirited character, despite what others may say.