Season 12 Episode 17

Lost in America

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on NBC

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  • Moving...

    I really most say - this episode had some really great acting. The mother, the way she was emotional, the way she acted and reacted, she knew the truth - those emotions. It was so raw, so real.. great performance.

    But it was not only about that case. I specially enjoyed Morris and his "kids" - that was sweet storyline in this quite hard episode.

    And to add hard themes to this, it is Victor first day back and it is not easy. Even thought they found him not guilty, they all, expect some, act very hostile to him and he feels so pushed out. And he takes it out on Ray... and he is having some weird moments himself...

    and oh.. Neela.. and those rats..
  • Not sure what rating I should give this one...

    Ok, I noticed this episode that Kerry\'s absence was noticeable. I take that as a good sign; in season 11 she was generally gone and so when she appeared it was amazing. Now though, her being away is surprising.
    Morris\' kids were so cute!!! It\'s a shame they seem to be embarrased of him, but obviously their needs come first. I’ve never seen the subject portrayed in such a comedic way before. ER might, and probably have, been criticised for their humerous handling of the situation. However, IMO, it seemed to really help within the context of Morris\' character; Morris is quite a light-hearted guy, and true, he doesn\'t get the emotional drama other characters are awarded. But this might be part of who he is! It was nice to see him be confronted with such a big thing, and just handle it the way he did; by being pleased and eager to impress. That\'s part of Morris I think. I can\'t see him having an emotional break-down over it, and I think ER did well in the story-line, despite what may have been my sceptical nature had I read about it first.
    Plus, regarding Morris, he really felt like, well, \'one of the team\' at the end, when talking to Clemente, in a way I haven\'t particularly noticed before. He\'s kind of got that weary world-old, been in the ER a while, knows what advise to give out thing going on now.

    I guessed the brother killed the poor Turkish girl. The mother was an excellent actress! And obviously that story-line is building-up awareness for Luka of his own heritage and life in America, especially with a new child on the way. Though I do think Abby should have held to her own conviction about not having the baby baptised, it will only lead for confusion later on if it\'s not brought up in a religious environment.
    I don\'t think Sam\'s odd man is creepy, I think he seems friendly and the end of Linda though?
    Ray and Neela...I\'m really liking them as friends, I don\'t know how it would be as a couple...
    I loved the \'Rats have rights!\'!!! I\'m a vegetarian but that case was just amusing to me.

    . I was scared for about a tenth of a second that something would happen between Neela and Dubenko, but I think that was only the presence of much alocohol and a pairing away from the ER that did that to me. Their conversation was sweet.
  • Interesting.

    Not one of the best of this great season, but yet very good.

    Neela was, ironically just as she told Dubenko, boring. I like her so much (probably because we're so much alike), but she's getting a little boring this season (also ironic, seeing as she got married and everything). I missed a mention to her husband and a little action and less alcohol from her, but still, she must be really depressed, let's give her a chance.

    Ray's very surprising these days. He's been really sweet with Neela and his character's developing in a good way. He played a small part in this episode, but I guess little by little they're going to transform Ray in Dr. Barnett.

    Where's Kerry? I always miss Kerry. Nice of Abby to send her a card and everything, but Laura Innes should be in every single episode in this show.

    Sam made a life-changing decision and went to work and live with the really weird rich man. They are finally giving her a storyline, which is nice, but I wonder how they're going to make it work.

    Morris has four children - HILARIOUS. I love how they made Morris such a great character, and he gets funnier every episode. I didn't see that coming, tough it was very Morris-y.

    Abby decides to have the baby baptised, which I tought extremely nice of her. She has no religious affiliation, Luka does and that's important to his family. Abby can be really spoiled and self-centered some times, so it was really great to see her give Luka this. It shows how their relationship has grown, which is always lovely to see! (by the way, where is this woman's belly??????)

    And finally, the honor killing. I tought it great of the writers of putting such an important subject on TV. Luka and the iranian actress were great, and the dialogues were amazing. A poor mother realizing her own son killed her own daughter is always painful to see, but it was wonderfully portrayed.

    Good episode.

  • Humor and sadness done well in this episode.

    I liked this episode because it didn't just focus on the goings on of the ER. The stabbing victim was sad and to bad the doctors couldn't save her, but it was the mother who stole the show. She is an excellent actress and hopefully we will se more of her in the future. Also, Neela giving a seminar and what followed was funny. Everything seems to fall apart and while getting drunk with Dubenko, realizes she has feelings for Ray and decides to move out. I like this idea of her a Ray. It didnt make since for her and Gallant to get married, they are not right for each other. Also, I think everyone is worried about Abby and the baby, because of her families past and they know how much Abby is struggling with that.
  • excellant example

    Wow this was a great episode, the Actress that played the mother deserves an Emmy for her role, a very good job by all with acting particularly Goran Visnjic, loved that Abby relented to Luka about the Baptism,Victor was good people were to hard on him I think,liked the deal with Morris and the kids, loved poor neela desaster presentation, and find myself liking the possibility of ray and Neela great episode once again
  • The plot thickens in the ER

    I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. I suppose it was the best episode that ER has had recently- which isn't saying much.

    More baby woos for Luka and Abby. Cute couple they make...but strange. Maura seems to be going through the motions with her acting. I can't see these two having a child.

    The stab victim was an interesting plotline but seemed a little too 7th heaven in the political statement of the week. Why have the suspection that the boyfriend was involoved in an rape only to have the brother be killer? -Oh I know, to confuse you- yea like it was hard to figure out it was the brother. The storyline just needed some depth. It was sad and all but like the Luka and Abby storyline it was just going through the montions.

    Neela is the best character (now that Carter is gone) on ER. She's so funny. But the speech thing was a little werid. And that doctor (can't for the life of me ever rememember his name) is rather creepy. "Here have a drug" "here get drunk".....Ray and Neela together? When will ER realize that these people are adults. It is possible to be friends with a guy and not be romantically involved. Or to get married and then have the kids, or be married at all. (Not that having kids out of wedlock is wrong, just that in the real world there would be someone in the ER who at 30-40 years old would actually be happily married). I hope she stays with Mike. Ray and her are good together but I like them as friends.

    Victor needs to go. I understand that people in the ER are being harsh and judgemental but he's rather annoying.

    Morris! I think I like him now. It was cute how he just accepted haveing 4 kids like that. But someone explain to me why the children went to the trouble of meeting, stealing a car and driving all way to see a man they think is their father and then seem bothered when he wants to spend time with them or take a picture?

    A decent episode- even good. Let's hope next week follows suit.

  • Worst ever

    This episode stands out as the worst I can remember (and I have seen all 262 episodes). I found the dialog annoying and dispository. There were a few good moments, however.

    I just went back to refresh my memory of the seven previous episodes written by Lisa Zwerling and two directed by Stephen Cragg. To some degree they all have a sensational and schmaltzy favor to them, epecially those by Cragg.
  • Great episode

    I love when this show decides to tackle real-life issues.Honor killings and what's happening in Dafar.Neela totally needs to make up her mind already.Mike or Ray??Annull the marriage and hookup with Ray.How many people have been pregnant on this show and no one has ever been as worried about the mother as they are about Abby.Clemente is my favorite.they need to continue the story with him and Jody.
  • On this week's new, emotional, and heart-breaking episode ...

    Episode #262 - Lost in America - 3/23/06

    On this week's new, emotional, and heart-breaking episode of ER, a girl (of distinguishable mid-eastern descent) is brought in by her boyfriend (caucasian) in critical condition with multiple stab wounds, most noticeably in the neck. After the girl's mom and brother arrive, the brother attacks his sister's girlfriend and tells him to stay away. Sam talks to the guy later and finds out that the boyfriend may have been involved in a dorm-room gang-bang involving another girl. The brother, however, seems to apparently be filled with hate and rage toward all non-Muslim people.

    Also, Clemente is forced to undergo drug-testing by Luka and the hospital. After he is cleared to return, he becomes fed up with how the other residents are treating him, eyeing him with suspicion and all that. He finally takes it out on Ray, reminding him that he is his attending and now that he is back at County, he needs to start showing him some respect.

    Clemente and Luka are forced to put their differences aside when the girl goes into critical condition and they must work together alongside Abby and Sam to save her life. They are able to stop the blockage of the supply of oxygen to her blood, but when she starts hemorraging and bleeds into her brain, the doctors realize there is nothing they can do to save her, and the mother and brother cry desperately for a way to save the girl's life.

    In one of the most shocking scenes in ER history, Luka tries to comfort the mother as she cries over he dead daughter .... when she begins talking about how her son was beaten up after 9/11 for being Muslim, and how he cut himself off from the rest of American society to join up with his sympathizing friends, Luka finds out from the mother that it was actually the brother who stabbed his own sister, in something he and his "friends" call an "honor killing." Although he loved her sister, he felt she had disgraced their family and therefore felt the need to slash her throat. The mother realizes she is actually losing both of her children when she tells Luka to have the police search the brother's room first ... for the knife they are looking for.

    Sam and Ray tend to a guy who arrives at the ER claiming he tried to kill himself with a lethal injection ... although he doesn't seem to mind being administered to the hospital and also speaking with a psychiatrist about trying to kill himself. Ray discovers, however, that the guy barely has traceable amounts of the "lethal" chemical in his system at all, and he seems intent on staying in the hospital. Ray finally gets him to admit that he has an ulterior motive - apparently he wants to be admitted because he's in love with his best friend's soon-to-be bride and isn't sure if he can keep himself from doing something "crazy."

    Meanwhile, four kids arrive at the ER looking for a man named Morris ... well it turns out that a decade ago Morris donated plenty of his sperm to a sperm bank ... and these kids, although with different mothers, were able to find each other and track down one thing they had in common - Morris is their father! Morris learns about each of his four kids (two are gingers, one black) and before they leave, takes a special picture to use as a Christmas card.

    Also, Ray and Neela cope with living together as roomies ... and it's clear that Ray seems to be developing feelings for her (and why the hell wouldn't he? Neela's the hottest character that's ever been on the show). Neela attends a convention of some sort and meets up with Dubenko for her first conference presentation, which she is apparently nervous about. After the technology turns on her and student activists attack her on stage, Neela faints and is taken out of there in the most embarassing moment of her life. Later on Neela realizes that she and Ray cannot live together without developing serious feelings for each other and decides she wants to move out.

    Meanwhile, Luka tries to convince Abby to allow their child to be baptized, something that means a lot in his family and to his family in Croatia. After much hesitation, she finally gives in in the end. In the final scene Clemente tries to get Morris to grab something to eat with him, but he's too busy getting to know his new family. Clemente tells him it's okay, he'll just go back to his apartment. One of the saddest moments follows. After Morris walks out, Clemente goes to his locker alone, grabs out a book, a blanket, and a pillow, and goes to bed on the couch in the ER.
  • Wow. A very sad episode.

    This episode was really moving. A brother killed his sister out of honor to his religion. Sad.
    Abby got pissed because everyone is treating her like she can't do anything.
    Clemente is back.
    Morris has 4 kids.

    What I didn't like was that they didn't show Abby's stomach so we could see if she was showing or not and they didn't show too much of her and Luka.

    Oh my gosh, next week, what if Luka decides to go to Africa? He can't. What about Abby? What if her misses the birth of his own child? I hope he doesn't go. That would be really sad if he did.