Season 12 Episode 17

Lost in America

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on NBC

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  • Interesting.

    Not one of the best of this great season, but yet very good.

    Neela was, ironically just as she told Dubenko, boring. I like her so much (probably because we're so much alike), but she's getting a little boring this season (also ironic, seeing as she got married and everything). I missed a mention to her husband and a little action and less alcohol from her, but still, she must be really depressed, let's give her a chance.

    Ray's very surprising these days. He's been really sweet with Neela and his character's developing in a good way. He played a small part in this episode, but I guess little by little they're going to transform Ray in Dr. Barnett.

    Where's Kerry? I always miss Kerry. Nice of Abby to send her a card and everything, but Laura Innes should be in every single episode in this show.

    Sam made a life-changing decision and went to work and live with the really weird rich man. They are finally giving her a storyline, which is nice, but I wonder how they're going to make it work.

    Morris has four children - HILARIOUS. I love how they made Morris such a great character, and he gets funnier every episode. I didn't see that coming, tough it was very Morris-y.

    Abby decides to have the baby baptised, which I tought extremely nice of her. She has no religious affiliation, Luka does and that's important to his family. Abby can be really spoiled and self-centered some times, so it was really great to see her give Luka this. It shows how their relationship has grown, which is always lovely to see! (by the way, where is this woman's belly??????)

    And finally, the honor killing. I tought it great of the writers of putting such an important subject on TV. Luka and the iranian actress were great, and the dialogues were amazing. A poor mother realizing her own son killed her own daughter is always painful to see, but it was wonderfully portrayed.

    Good episode.

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