Season 12 Episode 17

Lost in America

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on NBC

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  • Not sure what rating I should give this one...

    Ok, I noticed this episode that Kerry\'s absence was noticeable. I take that as a good sign; in season 11 she was generally gone and so when she appeared it was amazing. Now though, her being away is surprising.
    Morris\' kids were so cute!!! It\'s a shame they seem to be embarrased of him, but obviously their needs come first. I’ve never seen the subject portrayed in such a comedic way before. ER might, and probably have, been criticised for their humerous handling of the situation. However, IMO, it seemed to really help within the context of Morris\' character; Morris is quite a light-hearted guy, and true, he doesn\'t get the emotional drama other characters are awarded. But this might be part of who he is! It was nice to see him be confronted with such a big thing, and just handle it the way he did; by being pleased and eager to impress. That\'s part of Morris I think. I can\'t see him having an emotional break-down over it, and I think ER did well in the story-line, despite what may have been my sceptical nature had I read about it first.
    Plus, regarding Morris, he really felt like, well, \'one of the team\' at the end, when talking to Clemente, in a way I haven\'t particularly noticed before. He\'s kind of got that weary world-old, been in the ER a while, knows what advise to give out thing going on now.

    I guessed the brother killed the poor Turkish girl. The mother was an excellent actress! And obviously that story-line is building-up awareness for Luka of his own heritage and life in America, especially with a new child on the way. Though I do think Abby should have held to her own conviction about not having the baby baptised, it will only lead for confusion later on if it\'s not brought up in a religious environment.
    I don\'t think Sam\'s odd man is creepy, I think he seems friendly and the end of Linda though?
    Ray and Neela...I\'m really liking them as friends, I don\'t know how it would be as a couple...
    I loved the \'Rats have rights!\'!!! I\'m a vegetarian but that case was just amusing to me.

    . I was scared for about a tenth of a second that something would happen between Neela and Dubenko, but I think that was only the presence of much alocohol and a pairing away from the ER that did that to me. Their conversation was sweet.