Season 15 Episode 13

Love is a Battlefield

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on NBC

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  • Didn't like this episode, especially the end.

    I don't buy the fact that Neela goes from hating Brenner eight episodes ago when he interrupted her and Ray during Haunted to telling him she wants to be with him and likes him. Half of those episodes she still wanted Ray and just two weeks ago, she was acting like school girl when he texted her saying he was thinking about her. It feels too rushed and only bringing needless drama and angst.

    Morris was the only bring spot in this whole episode. I like his chemistry with Claudia and think they would be nice together.

    Sam, Gates and Daria wasn't really interesting at all. This episode was boring and mediocre. It wasn't as good as most of the others have been this season.
  • Drama.. drama...

    Oh.. I do not know.. there where moments in this episode and storylines I loved and then some that I did not liked at all. The good one was Morris and that girl - even in the end I was little confused who did exactly what but it was emotional, very well built and showed how things usually are - even if you think you know what is going on, you never have change to prove it - people close their eyes and pretend nothing is going on until it is too late.

    The other storylines where drama all the way - Gates, Sam and Daria.. that was in some point awful but Sam and Chuny.. that conversation was quite good. And the those patients - a couple on and off all the time.. that was a great storyline too.

    But then there is Neela.. and I think it was so right to mention Jumbo Market again as she really acts like the girl she was when she couldn't decide between medicine and something else.. now it is two man and to be honest.. I most say I could stand her then but now.. I really do not get it.. and even if I really liked her char.. that storyline somehow ruins it to me.. and no way I like Brenner... so..
  • Frankly, people making mistakes in relationships is not interesting. Overcoming them or other obstacles is, but a lot of the characters just seemed to be making stupid mistakes in this episode.

    I would have quite liked to see what the men were feeling in this episode, other than general exasperation. This episode states that these two women, reasonable in every other aspect go completely mental when a boy comes along, and perhaps even worse, that they're perfectly entitled to. While Sam sabotages herself, Neela denies her feelings. All strung around an abused girlfriend as a patient-of-the-week storyline. Woo-hoo.

    The Cop and Morris was nice, they have an interesting dynamic. This is the central thing, that the characters are all carrying around the emotional baggage of past storylines and the writing, at least in this episode, turns these characters into turgid misanthropes. They're doctor's and medicine is tough, but I want my characters to be brilliant and daring in relationships, at least some of them. You'd hope they wouldn't have to bring in a new character, like the cop, to have somebody who's not hopelessly self-involved.
  • Dr Banfield gets some bad news.....

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. We learn that some of the workers from the Jumbo Mart have won $18 million dollars each before taxes. Sam soon sees with her own eyes that something is going on between Sam and one of the interns, Daria. We see Neela's patient from the last few episodes finally leaving the hospital. Dr Banfield has goes for a round of I.V.F. Sam confronts Tony about his night with Daria. When Banfield wakes up after the procedure we learn that none of her eggs were suitable for the IVF process. We then see her breaking down in tears, into the arms of her husband. At the end of the episode, we see Neela and the Australian doctor kissing.