Season 1 Episode 18

Love's Labor Lost

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 1995 on NBC

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  • About this episode

    This was brilliant. it got great storyline, editing, directing, sound mixing and sound editing.
  • Greene is having problems at home, but has no idea how much worse things are about to get at work. In over his head with a delivery, Greene scrambles to get help and shows how helpless he is, how vulnerable doctors can be, and how unfair life can be.

    The defining episode of the series (at least when it was good), this one, like so many episodes of early ER seemed to fuel itself to the point where my heart was beating and my jaw was hanging down to my chest. Rarely have I seen anthing so emotionally devastating as this episode. Greene is great, probably my favorite character, but I would not want him anywhere near the expectant mother of my child. He was in way over his head, and it makes me wonder how realistic was his plight? I'm guessing very, and that's what's really frightening.
  • Misdiagnose...

    I was hoping something more, I do not know. Maybe I knew it should be so great and when I saw it, my hopes were too high.

    I adore the motion, dynamic and action. The way they all tried to do the best to save the mother and the emotions and the way Mark's reactions and actions were shown - building from the start the logical schema what lead to the end - to the point when he is going to train and Lewis is yelling: "Is Jenn home?" Starting almost slowly to the moment the car drives in, and then.. slowing down again, making it ready for the last 20-15 minutes that really kept the eyes on screen. And superb acting. Bradley Whitford as the father was super, not mentioning all the main cast.

    Great episode indeed, but..
  • In one of the best episodes of the series, Dr. Greene misdiagnoses a pregnant patient and now after the patient starts to seize it's up Greene to try and save her life and her baby.

    Without a doubt one of the best medical episodes of the entire ER series. The main focus on the episode is obviously on Dr. Greene but the way the episode is shot you had no direction where things were going. First the story begins on Peter Benton and his mother then shifts to Dr. Greene taking care of this woman named Jodie O'Brien who is pregnant. After seemingly diagnosing her, everything seems fine but then she starts to seize and now Greene's in a dire situation. Things became worse when OB becomes full and Dr. Greene has to take care of this seizing woman and her worried husband who thinks Greene is trying to kill her. It was almost as though her husband Sean O'Brien wanted to literally kill Dr. Greene. So Dr. Greene with the help of Susan Lewis and Nurse Carol Hathaway along with med students Carter and Chen try to dig deep in surgery and save the woman's life. However after OB Doctor comes and tells Greene how foolish he was in his diagnosis things take their turn for the worse as Jodie O'Brien is the ER all butchered up as the Doctors try to save her life is slowly fading, despite Greene's best efforts and ability to bring out her baby and save it he is unable to save Jodie O'Brien as she dies on the operating room with Greene shocking her. The last few scenes are amazing as Greene silently and angrily goes upstairs and tells Sean O Brien that his wife is dead. What makes the scene so amazing is we don't hear any dialogue we just see the face of Sean O'Brien and Dr. Greene behind a soundless glass screen as he withers away in tears. The episode ends with two profound scenes with Greene coming back to the scene of the Jodie's death where Carter tells Greene he was amazed at what he did, but to Carter's surprise Greene just walks away without saying a word. The final scene is Greene in a train crying about his misdiagnoses leading to the death of an innocent woman. This episode features amazing acting by Anthony Edwards whose emotions are so visible in the episode that you can just feel him. Whatever the case it was a travesty that he didn't win an Emmy for his role because this just personifies excellence.
  • I not usually a huge fan episodes around a mother giving birth but this was better than the usual...

    I actually couldn't believe it when the mother died. But at least the baby was OK. This episode was a good one for Greene he was amazing and no matter what the people said, he was a hero in this episode. It wasn't his fault in fact, he did everything he could but I guess she wasn't meant to live through that night. But as if so many things could go wrong with one birth. And it ricked us (the reader) by making it look OK for so long and the making everything go wrong and then, it was OK again... but obviously not for long before she dieed. Poor Greene shouldnt be beating himself up over it. it wasnt his fault.
  • What becomes a routine examination of a pregnant woman turns into a wild roller coaster ride for Mark Greene and his staff.

    "Dr Greene, what you did was very heroic" Carter stated to Greene as Mark remained in the trauma room by himself in a trance. The day began with Ross and Greene throwing the football in the parking lot. Soon after a patient was brought in with frequent urination and an elevated fever. Greene diagnosis the patient with a bladder infection and sends her on her way. She bounces back very soon in convulsions. With the OB swamped with deliveries, Greene makes the decision to deliver the baby himself. "I caused this so I am going to stay with it". With Dr Lewis telling him not to risk anything, Greene moves onward with a procedure which is very very dramatic.
  • A master piece

    I think that this episode is one of the greatest tv moment of tv history (TV guide).
    All in this episode is just perfect, the direction, the acting, the ligths (those that represented that the time was passing), etc.
    Althought Benton's story was just a waste of time, the real important of this episode was saving the pregnant lady. I just found amaizing this case, all the complications and the signs that told us that everithing was going to be OK and then everything was difficult again, just amaizing.
    The acting of the guests star were perfect, the actrees who played the role of the pregnant lady was amaizing, she respresented in a spectacular way the case, she made me believe for a second that all of that was real. Bradley Withford was also amaizing, he really capturated the character's grieve.
    I think that this episode will be remembered for all the ER's fan, pernosonally I think that is is the better of the whole show, and I think that I am not hte only one who thinks that because this episode won a lot of Emmys.
  • There is a reason that ER has been on for more than 10 years.

    This was a quintessential episode of ER. All the action and the drama and the acting and the cinematography are classic to this show.

    It started out with a couple, prepared to have a baby. No one knew that before they walked out of the hospital the tragedy that would occur. Who knew that both Jodi and her baby would be in grave danger.
    With the baby going into respiratory distress and Jodi with ecclamsia and no one from OB to be found, Dr. Greene did the best with what he could by inducing labor. When that proved to worsen the situation, doctors and students alike scurried to save the mother and her baby. Before it was all finished Mark had performed a "hack job," unsuccessfully saving both the mother and her baby. It was so sad to see Mark have to tell Mr. O'brien that his wife died as he was holding his new baby. This scene grabbed at my heart strings.
    This case forced Mark to step up, to grow up for his new post as attending. This is truly the first time that we see him take the lead not knowing what to do.
    Another touching plot was Benton with his mother. I felt for him as he helplessy awaited the results of her surgery, dying to be there, to make sure that she would be all right. It was frustrating for me to hear the surgeon tell Peter to get out of the OR.

    This was a great episode of ER, one that truly helped ER become what it is.
  • wow... I am speechless...

    Wow, what do I say about this episode? I am so speechless by everything in this episode. First comes Dr. Benton and his mom in the ER, it really stinks that his mom had to have surgery on her hip. What really makes me mad is the fact that Dr. Wilson was so freakin' rude about the whole ordeal of letting Benton scrub up for his own mothers surgery. To me, everyone seems so uptight in this episode and it sorta bothers me some how, no one seems too nice to anyone.

    Whats with the Tattoo guy trying to SAND OFF his tattoos?? haha why would you do that?

    Now on to Jodi and Sean O'Brien and the tragedy with giving birth. This was where it became EXTREMELY nerve-wracking. I almost had a hard time watching some of this. This part also made me cry, which I HATE and LOVE at the same time. It makes me entirly happy that the baby was safe and living and that he has a father who is alive. I cried when the mother died on the gerne. It was extremely sad to see this happen, I thought she would have pulled through. One of the worst parts was seeing Dr. Greene tell the father, Sean O'Brien, about his wife. It seems to me that Mark Greene grew up a little bit more in this episode.

    All through out the episode, I also noticed amazing camera angles and different shots and shadows that were also amazing to look at.

    Shakesphere huh?
  • 10 years later and it is still on my mind.

    Few hospital TV dramas episodes are talked about more than ten years after the original showing and this episode is one of them.

    After watching Grey's Anatomy's "Into You Like A Train" episode I thought of this episode--it was so gut wrenching.

    Whenever I hear a friend is about to give birth, I always think about Jody O'Brien. Everyone now and then people talk about tough pregnancies and someone always brings up this episode.

    Yes, it is well acted and the story line is fast and furious and it totally and shamelessly plays on our heartstrings, but it does it in a way that is remarkable.

    This episode seems to have the habit getting under people's skin as it did with me and where it will remain as part of my psyche.
  • A wirlwind of emotions. The best that season one has to offer.

    Sleepless in Chicago sets up the stage for the season's most emotional episode, Love's Labor Lost. At the end of Sleepless, Jennifer tells Mark that she is leaving him. This is one of two traumatic events for Mark, that will send him into a tailspin.

    The other, is the O'Brien's. Mark missed two diagnosis on Jodi O'Brien, and winds up in an extreme difficult delivery, and Mark is miles over his head. The baby's size is under estimated, and the shoulder gets caught. Jodi is seizing, and the ER staff has to try an emergency c-section.

    The acting in this episode cannot have been any better. The fear in Jodi O'Brien's eyes. The anger in Sean O'Brien's voice. The worry, and later guilt on Mark's face. The tension in Mark's voice. And the sadness on everybody's face.

    What was supposed to be the best day of the O'Brien's' lives, turns into a nightmare. The directing in this episode is superb. You can feel the situation get further, and further out of control. The desperation grows as Mark does all that he can to try to stop the inevitable. But it is not enough, and Jodi does not make it. The baby is saved.

    We do not get to hear how Mark tells Sean the news about his wife. The director lets the body language tell us everything we need to know.

    The news of Jennifer leaving is very important. If Jennifer was still at home, Mark would have had someone to talk to. He may have been able to get past this patient much better than he does. And if he had not lost his patient, he may have been able to deal with his marital problems better. The two happening back to back the way that the did, is a near back breaker for Mark.

    He masks both problems around his co-workers. He does not tell anyone about Jennifer. He also lied to Susan and tells her that he's ok. If Susan knew Jennifer had left him, I doubt she lets him onto the El, alone. They end the episode with Mark crying, but who would not?
  • The episode that put ER on the map

    Prior to this episode, ER was a good and popular show, but this one really cemented ER's place as a great episode. The episode actually begins going in one direction, then goes in another. It picks up where the previous episode left off with Dr Benton's mother, and we don't even see the main story line until a few minutes into the episodes. The way the entire Jodi O'Brien story is told is great with the sound and camera work and everything. It begins looking like just another routine patient, but proves that nothing can ever be taken for granted in the ER. When I watch it on the DVD without commercials it feels like it's about 20 minutes long because of all of the action.
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