Season 1 Episode 12

Luck of the Draw

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 1995 on NBC

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  • how many things can happen?

    This was somehow vice versa episode. On one point it was very sad and the way Susan was treated - like she is noone and cannot do anything. And even Mark. I have not seen that she had troubles with Bentont but.. It's not good for her. And the way she is cutting herself out of others - no good can come put of it.

    And also the storyline with father who has given everything from him for two years and cannot take it anymore. It was moving.

    But on the other hand - all the fun in the end, the sociologist and Deb.. poor Carter.. it was like totally different kind. More laughter, little humor..
  • The ER gets a new med student, a bodypacker is brought in, Greene is in the doghouse with Lewis. A great episode to add to the ER list.

    This episode introduces Deb Chen, a Chinese med student assigned to Dr. Benton. Benton, who is busy with the OR, has Carter break in Deb. I find it neat that Deb is the only person in the ER who calls Carter by his first name: "John." When she says she doesn't know how to start an IV, Carter says the exact same thing Benton said to him in the pilot episode. This shows the development of Carter's education from Benton. While learning, Deb goes through a couple of humorous mishaps. She gets her hand stuck while performing a rectal, and she accidentally shocks Carter with a defibrillator. But we see, in later episodes, that Deb is very competent after learning the small stuff. Next, Greene examines a body packer from Bolivia carrying over one hundred condoms of cocaine in his belly. Meanwhile, Lewis, still in trouble after the wrongful of a patient, gets angry when Greene tells her that Morgenstern has him cosigning her charts. After work, we see many of the staff at Doc Magoo's hanging out. Hathaway announces her wedding date and everybody discusses the recent lottery.