Season 1 Episode 15

Make of Two Hearts

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 1995 on NBC

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  • Make of two hearts will melt your heart

    There are a lot of characters in this episode that are lost. A group of cheerleaders and a football player are lost in LSD. Chen samples their chocolates that is laced with LSD and becomes lost herself.

    Benton treats an elderly lady who is lost in the past. She thinks she's pressing her husband's uniform back during WWI. Benton himself is lost in denial about his mother's condition.

    Dr. Kayson is lost in love, after Susan saved his life.

    Officer Grabarsky ran over a dog that is lost from his home, and rushes her to the ER. (The dog has special meaning for me, as he is a springer spaniel, the same dog I had when I was a kid.) Carter is lost in cleanliness, as he gave mouth to nose recesitation.

    And the A story of the night, a little Russian girl is lost in our country, and lost in the system. She's dumped onto the ER, adopted by a woman who didn't know what she was getting into. This is one of the most heartbreaking patients in the history of ER, as she has aids and she cannot speak the language.

    The most special moments of the episode is the scene where the dog (named bill) and the girl are lying next to each other. Two lost souls, who have temporarily found each other. They really needed each other, and it was a heartwarming moment, before we know the true depths of the girls condition.

    Knowing the circumstances of the girl is one of the sadder moments of the series. They do an excellent job of showing just how ugly aids can be, and that it doesn't strike a certain kind of person. It can effect anybody.

    Excellent use of the elderly lady, to help Benton start to go on the correct path of realization. He's not quite there yet, but he's on his way.

    This is one of the year's best. Bravo.

    Quote of the night:
    Deb: You know they say the dog's mouth is the cleanest part of it's body.
    Carter: What do they say about it's nose?
  • Little abandoned girl..

    It was beautiful episode with very well written deep storylines.

    The mayor and most moving one was little russian girl and the way her "mother" took the diagnose. To leave her.. it all sounds so cruel but after hearing the said of that woman.. I totally can understand it but she had to thought about it before. And the way Carol cope with it and the way it was portrayed- super.

    And Benton's storyline with older lady - it was not much weaker than Carol's storyline. Added so much depth to Benton and helped him to relize a lot.

    And Deb.. and noone understand nothing.. ooh..
  • Tatianna = cutest thing ever. i feel so bad for her.

    Basicly the tatianna storyline just broke my heart., it was soo sad. this poor russian girl with AIDS gets abondoned into this country where she can't understand anybody. Up to now i hadn't liked any of carols storylines but this one is perfect for her. the dog thing was funny. Carter giving it mouth to mouth lol! :D

    And Deb eating the chocolates that were filled with acid! haha funniest thing ever. When she treid to do Wendy's cast lol.

    I also liked when doctor Kaysen asked Susan out. It was sooo awkward. And at the end when Susan and mark were skating, i thought that was really cute. Those two are really cute together.
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