Season 10 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2003 on NBC

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  • In the very typical Christon way and using flashbacks, we learn what has happend to carter those past months hes been in congo...and also introducing "Kem", whom he now is expecting a child with. She's working on an aids project...

    Wauw...there are the regular great episodes of ER, and then once in a while there is the Chrichton episode wich i call them. This is a pivotal episode, and a very special one...i was a big fan of abby and carter and even though they broke up, they where in my mind never really broken completely up. But the Kem part did that...and i have to admid...i did break a litle was one of these events that i call " getting closure" and where everything comes together...and some how i fell for the carter and Kem thing... I love the way it was told in the really kept getting closer and closer to the explanation on the baby theme in the opening, by feeding the wiewer with bits and pieces..this has to be my favorite epsidode so far, along with the one with the backwards theme ( the one where luca gets in an accident and the christmas party,,)