Season 12 Episode 3

Man with No Name

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2005 on NBC

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  • A rather bland episode with little pushing the story forward.

    Once again we see just how far ER has sunk in quality over the past several seasons. The same tired old antics: Frank's a pig, Morris is a pig, Luka solves his problems with beer, etc. Tack on the tacky "glamour shots of Neela" segment, and it's another of too many sub-par outtings. The only really compelling story, an unidentified severe burn victim (who gives the episode its title), ends up taking a back seat to a motor scooter-riding child who gets in an accident (borrowing Law & Order's "ripped from the headlines" mantra), and the way that Luka and Sam's breakup may have compromised his care.
    Meanwhile, we are introduced to a new nurse manager (Kristen Johnson), who seems to be getting set-up to take on the "bitch" role in the wake of the ever-declining appearances of Laura Innes' Dr. Weaver.
    This show can do better than this offering, and facing continually declining viewership, it had better start soon.
  • Luka at the bottom

    Oh.. Luka's life is really miserable and his day is getting worse - he acts rudly and that creates tensions but then - there is new nurse managed (who is awful) who comes to teach him how to work with people, who is more critical. So on every option - turning life into hell.

    Neela is wanting to send a box of this to Gallant and asks if anyone has something to send too.. and there are some funny moments with that storyline.

    So.. Luka's day is horrible but he is not only one. That nurse manager then goes and forces Sam to work on other shifts than Luka and she loose even more time with her son and shifts.. I hope that char will be soon gone.
  • Get rid of the new nurse ASAP.

    The new head nurse just does not suit ER. It may take a little time to get use to her but I don't like her one bit. (I keep thinking of her in 3rd rock from the sun!)

    Not a real lot happened in this episode but it mainly gave us a chance to see the new head nurse character ... and to me she seems a bit of a know it all.

    Because she is coming across as such a strong person I think there must be a hidden tragedy from her past that we will soon see.
  • Ignore my 'low' rating. I just think every ER episode is so amazing that I'm starting a new regime of harsh ratings, just so the truly brilliant episodes will show-up easily!

    Okay, a list of points that I hope covers everything my memory cares to place commentary on:

    1. WEAVER!!! WOOHOO!!! Oh how I love her. She actually had more than 5 maximum lines *grins*. If Sherry leaving results in more Laura, then I really won't be missing Susan.

    2. Abby and Luka, Luka and Abby. I'm sensing it already. That point when she saw he was asleep, I was really expecting her to lean over and peck him on the cheek, or brush back his know, a gentle loving touch before leaving.

    3. Eve - no opinions formed yet. I've seen some positives and some negatives. Felt she was a little OTT about the Luka/Sam issue. After all, working together in such close circumstances it's always going to end up with doctors and nurses getting together. If they went and moved people around every time that happened, well the hospital just probably wouldn't be running that well.

    4. Neela's gift basket was great! I'm feeling more positive about Gallant (since seeing him in the 'what happened previously). I was convinced last season that he would die/be horribly injured after the whole bracelet issue, but I'm feeling optimistic. But come on - I'm sure Abby and Neela could have taken those photos after work!! Didn't they have any patients? And did Neela just happen to be wearing a fancy bra and fish-net tights???

    5. Anybody notice Morris' 'pow-wow' comment - last week he got angry at a Native American comment. I'm thinking this was subtly done by the writers.

    6. I hope Luka DOES indeed take Alex to soccer. And I'm surprised Sam managed to move out already - how much time was supposed to have lapsed between this and the last episode?

    7. Just repeating my Kerry happiness

    8. DUBENKO!!! I was wondering what was up when he was a little off with the ER staff. I was immediately glad to see Dubenko, then wondering why he looked so bad...When we saw him being examined, that was so SO sad. Especially with the emotional back-ground music. But again, I thought most doctors would go to other hospitals to be checked out. Poor Dubenko.

    9. The kid with Pratt - is that the one whose father is an old buddy so Pratt's got him doing work experience? I vaguely remember that from last season...nice to see the kid being eager though. I seem to remember he dragged about a little in the past (if it's the same boy after all).

    10. Pratt and...Olivia? (Is that the right name?) The woman from the gun thing...glad to see they're together. I think they make a nice couple. Hopefully we'll see a bit more of her, and a bit more of his family.

    11. Liking the new nurse. More so than last week. Except I'm sure she would know Morris is the chief already, what with his vanity about it that we saw last week (or possibly the week before?). Maybe that should have been said in a more jokey way...or maybe it was and I just missed the sarcasm...?

    12. Ray...absent. If he wasn't working though, when Neela got home shouldn't he have been getting ready for work rather than disturbing Neela next door?

    13. Frank - humerous. I knew he was a police-man, but never knew he was in the Army.

    Overall, a great episode. My favourite bit was probably before the credits though! Just for the fact of seeing Kerry and going a little mad with joy during the credits.
  • A man comes into the ER with severe burns and is unable to tell them his name an doesn't seem to understand English.

    Was a good episode but didn\'t really have anything interesting happening in it. Could have been better. Felt they could have put more emphasis on the Man who they brought in instead of about 15 minutes and then just mentioning him every so often. Didn\'t have that spark that most episodes have.
  • Boring.

    This was the kind of episode that reminds you that ER just isn't what it used to be.

    The Kovac storyline was unfortunately boring. It felt like "Lost in Translation", come watch nothing happen and people doing nothing interesting. Kovac seems really numb and it's never good to focus an entire episode on a character who's numb. I like the fact that it's a returning thing at least, that Kovac acts like this whenever he has a break up, at least it's nice to know the writers remember what they've created. But for a whole episode it gets boring...

    The Abby Lockhart Show still running. Now she's the one and only to know Dubenko's great secret, AND she is Luka's special friend. Since Kovac is the main guy now the writers/producers are looking to hook them up, like they did with Abby and Carter when Carter became main guy. Seriously, don't they think they're overexposing Abby just a smidge? I've got to say what she did with Neela was pretty distasteful, it was obvious that Neela didn't want to and it's always wrong to insist on something like that with someone who's uncomfortable.

    New nurse in town, I like her. We could use someone with some force and some attitude, all those characters get dropped. I hope she stays.

    Gotta say that little bit with Neela and Ray at the end was nice. I like seeing those two as roommies, especially since it's no will-they-won't-they touch to it. More of the "at home with Neela and Ray" stuff!

    Is it just me though, or has ER gotten a whole lot darker over the past few years. The lighting is always minimum, the colors are mostly dark greens. They had much more light in previous seasons and I'm starting to feel like they shoot it in a box. More lights please!
  • a bad episode with no ond in sight

    This is one of my best shows and is sad to see that the director and writers are doing a bad job giving the new comers a good plot for their role ion the series. In this episode you are left with no final message and with a bunch on actors that they do not play at the standars that we are used to see with the old gang and even in the transition to the new gang of actors
  • Keeps finding new ways to fill the void of long gone stars.

    WHile I didnt really care for the new Nurse I feel there needed to be some kind of shakeup. I am also glad that Luka and Sam didnot work out. I always liked Luka and Abby better. They just seemed to mesh well and I hope after this episode they will get back together.
  • It wasn't the best but overall a good episode.

    I liked having Kerry back in the ER where she belongs. She has become to focused on management in the last few years. It looks like Abby and Luka may be heading somewhere again which would be good. With only 8 regulars it's the smallest number since Season 3 and now everyone has something to do. Keep it up and the show will be on top again.
  • Setting up for the rest of the season ...

    This episode seems to have been built around preparing us for upcoming shows.

    Overall, it was a good episode but really not \"great\".

    Kovach and Sam tried to deal with each other in the E/R but of course, Kovach couldn\'t deal with it and it affected patients. Now Sam is getting fewer shifts at work because of it.

    Neela made a care package for Dr. Gallant (Michael) and staff included things for him (porn tape, pizza). Neela took sexy pictures of herself for him. Neela endured Dr. Barnett\'s bed rocking in the room next door.

    Abby counselled a patient who is likely to develop breast and/or ovarian cancer. She commented that if she ever developed these things that she\'d have the courage to make the right choices. Then she saw the surgeon in the oncology lab.

    We learned that Susan was applying for a new job and will be gone if she gets it. Of course, since she is already out of the opening titles, we know that she will not be back!

    The new nurse arrived and shook things up quite a bit. Kristen Johnston is only supposed to be recurring but she seems like the kind of character who will grow into the show and become full-time. She definitely adds some needed change to the show.
  • The idea of Luka as the strong, silent type afraid of being the man with no name was revealing. But I wanted to see more insight and developments in his character before we hop onto another cast member's story.

    The opening title of the show and the way it depicted Luka, post-Sam, was great. "The Man with No Name." I could really see how Luka was like the strong, silent type, and was scared that in the end, no one would know his name (i.e. love would elude him). The way Abby brought him home was sweet, and I'm sure that Abby in her own way is looking for someone else to love and be loved. It isn't the style of ER to get too sentimental about it, but I think I would have been more satisfied with the episode if it delved more deeper into the whole theme. I wanted to see more emotion and insight into Luka's thoughts and character.

    The care package deal, especially with the photographs of Neela, felt a bit off. The kind of sophmoric humor that Morris brings, doesn't really compare to the crackle of witty dialogue and humorous situations from previous ER's. The new nurse manager is a welcome addition, but I felt she got a little too soft during the course of the episode. She should have reamed Luka and Sam a new one for having their personal troubles affect their judgment over a critical patient. Instead she acted more the stern, but forgiving mommy.

    The way they are simply having Sherry Stringfield disappear off the grid is shameful, I hope they are at least going to show her before she leaves county for good. But, I can see that the type of show that is ER, is not really big on dwelling on emotional moments and tries to stay as professional, cynical, and realistic as possible. It's definitely not trying to be a regular television drama or soap opera, but I think at times it veers too much away from sentimentality or delving too much into these character's lives.
  • best of the season so far

    I enjoyed this episode unlike a lot of people. We knew that new characters would have to be introduced and this episode introduces Eve Payton, the new nurse manager. She will be an important character and I can't wait to see what happens between her, Luka and Sam. I do not think that any of them handled the situation well. I kind of hoped that they would pay more attention to the burn patient, and find out what happened to him. Abby's patient ended up being an interesting storyline. She had to make an incredibly difficult decision. I hope we see more of what happens to her in the next couple of episodes. Of course the surprise of the episode was the altercation between the kid's parents that Luka ended up in the middle of.
  • Not the best episode ever. A few good moments. Overall .... they need some new storylines.

    Man With No Name

    First of all, I missed tonight's C.S.I. because my parents and I were having an argument over these retarded overages on our minutes this month. Retarded.

    But at least I didn't miss ER!

    Okay, well I don't know about CSI, but ER was decent enough. Screaming, crazy, burned man runs towards Kovac! That was great.

    The scene with Neela was kinda .... hot ... but since I didn't watch last season (besides the finale), I don't know who this guy they're talking about is. It is Carter? Or is it that other young guy from last season who's overseas?

    Anyway, that scene with the chubby boy's father was AWESOME! He went crazy and tried to kill the mom, then he attacked Kovac! Damn ... sweet drama. Intense emotion.

    The new manager is a serious b*tch and causing problems for the residents and the interns. Kovac and whats-her-name continued her wishy-washy whatever crap.

    Not the best episode ever. A few good moments. Overall .... they need some new storylines.

    The preview for next week's episode looks sweet! It should definitely be better.