Season 5 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 1998 on NBC

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  • Medstudent having Halloween party

    The main story is concentrating on Lucy again. Now when she has promised not to lie and study, she tries to do that but nothing will stop her to have a Halloween party. Carter homes to dorm and asks them to end it as "the furniture was too on fire" but they continue and it has bad end - two boys took some drugs and they end up in ER. Lucy does her best but Carter seems not to care about her effort and treats her like crap. And she somehow deserves it but not too much. The Weaver storyline to become leader of ER gets its conclusion as she is not chosen. And she does not care anymore. She has done that for long long.. I am not even sure.. a season.. or more? It looks like so long ago when Morgenstern left.

    And for me. It was nice memory.. I have seen some episodes on local TV but I thought I did not follow it before 6 or 7 season but I was seen this episode. Only one place that I recalled.. but.. it was lovely.. weird.. I have no memories of Benton nor Jeanie.. nor Carol.. but I should have them.

    Waiting for next episodes.
  • Halloween brings out all the weird ones!

    Romano operates on an 11-year-old girl and finds she's genetically male. This would be such a hard thing to deal with both for her and her parents. I wondered what Romano would be like telling the news to the parents but he was surprisily sympathetic. It must have been because Corday was with him.

    Carter breaks up a dorm party after it gets a bit wild, but Lucy and a few stragglers remain. Being medical students you would think they would be a bit more responsible and know a bit better but one of them takes drugs and it ends tragically.