Season 6 Episode 22

May Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 18, 2000 on NBC

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  • The bottom for Carter

    This episode main idea was to show the bottom of Carter. He is now using patient pain killers and Abby says that and tells Mark who takes it more serious. In the end the face him with simple choice - rehab or got fired. Carter walks away without wanting to see his problem. It was somehow quick way to his bottom but not hard to see as some episode hinted it too clearly but on the middle, the one episode, on there it looked like he is ok. But he is not. And Benton was the only one managing to bring him down to earth by mentioning his cousin. By thinking back to those episodes - Carter should have known better.. but I think with pain, we are ready for more desperate measures. The other major storyline was about Kovac, who tried to save a baby of woman who, probably, wounded herself in order to get rid of the unborn child.
  • Benton on the plane with Carter.

    Towards the end of the episode when Greene and Weaver confront Carter about his drug use and tell him that he will need to go to rehab, I found it to be a proud moment when Peter Benton is sitting next to him on the plane. I just goes to show that Peter has a special place in his heart for Carter, seeing as thou he trained him and rode him hard in order to see him succeed both as a Doctor and a patient. It Was Peter who pushed Carter during the rehab after the stabbing.
  • Dr. Carter after getting stabbed and coping with med student Lucy Knight's death is caught using drugs by Intern Abby Lockhart and now the staff wants to try and help him.

    First of all I love this ER Season Finale personally and I have to list it as one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. Noah Wyle once again does an exceptionally well job as Dr. Carter who is in really bad shape following the death of Lucy Knight and getting stabbed. He has practically become a druggie after he caught by Intern Abby Lockhart, putting a syringe of drugs into his arm. What does she do? She immediately alerts Greene who tells Weaver and soon Carter goes to the back of the Lunch-room where he tries to explain his actions to Greene and Weaver and while he thinks he does, but Weaver and Greene don't really buy it. Things only get worse for Carter as Weaver and Greene try to discuss a way to help their colleague. Greene decides to half a conversation with the unstable Carter and bans him from treating patients assigning him to all paperwork. So as Carter does paperwork and Abby tries to apologize, a patient near Carter is in trouble and Carter tries to save his life, fortunately however Greene comes in and saves the day. So finally after massive paperwork Carter is brought into a small meeting in the lunchroom with Anspaugh, Benton (Who doesn't believe Carter's a druggie) Chen, Weaver and Greene. In this meeting Greene gives Carter an ultimatum go to rehab or he's fired. Carter then quits and storms outside as Benton tries to quite him down and soon after Benton says a comment on Carter's cousin, Carter punches Benton and cries. Benton unphased goes ahead and hugs Carter and soon the staff waits to hear the news on Carter's rehab as he sits on a plane next to Benton. Overall great episode, and I really like how Greene and Weaver take on a parental role to Carter's character and it just shows how much they missed because of their own problems to notice what happened to Carter's physical state. One of my favorites.
  • A very good season finale. Carter turns out to be a drug addict....

    OK first of all I can't believe I hadn't seen this coming. I knew Carter was depressed or whatever but I was completely shocked when Abby found him injecting drugs. I am very happy about the way the writers put it into the script. I mean, they could have had Carter secretly doing drugs behind everyones back for like half a season. But that would have been horribly dragged out. I really like that we find out at the same time as Abby did and so theres was only one episode between that really deals with this. Obviously in season 7, it still deals with it but its a known problem after that. My favorite scene in this episode in when Benton convinced Carter to go to the detox facility. I really LOVE the benton/carter relationship (like a big brother type of relationship, not anything sexual) and you could tell how upset Benton was when he found out that Carter was using. And when carter started crying and Benton gave him a hug. :D And Benton went with him to Atlanta. The only thing I would have liked would be Carol to come back and say goodbye before moving to Seattle. It would have been nice to have like a party for her.

    Still a very good episode. A great season finale.
  • A great ER episode...

    I just had to point out... and apparently Level 1 people can\'t add notes... the girl comes in with abruption and they say they have to do a CSection to save the baby - but that the girl\'s life is not at risk. Well - an abruption that is left could very well take the woman\'s life from blood loss. Also, the baby dies before it is born, but they still take the baby and \"call it\" for time of death. This would not happen. A baby with no heart beat before it is born is considered stillborn and does not get a \"time of death\" just as it does not get a \"time of birth\".
  • A definite tearjerker IMO

    a real tearjerker
    I think Luka really has too much judgements against people and he should be more objective like Benton and decide which case is worse...

    But overall I liked the Carter part of this episode best. Noah Wyle is an excellent actor and I really got teary eyed.
    He expressed it very well when Carter felt like everybody was against him but I like how Benton and Carter bonded over the year and I was glad that Benton could convince him... :)

    Overall a good eppie... I enjoyed it a lot :) One of the best season finales so far... a good end of a fantastic season!
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