Season 5 Episode 16

Middle of Nowhere

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 1999 on NBC

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  • A different kind of medicine...

    This is different episode but it is not bad - it shows that the world is different and there are places where noone has crash cart and the hospital is just the clinic.

    I adored the way the portrait the life in the small town - the problems there exist are not so much visible in Chigago and Benton has hard time to earn himself a respect. He has some special cases like the little girl with insulin and the girl who is going to have a labor. and the sights.. the landscapes, that swamp - it was beautiful

    Different atmosphere, different ground - but it is somehow similar to the later episodes in Africa. the same shock of variety and different medical.
  • A excellent episode that sees Peter away from the ER.

    Peter accepts Romano's suggestion and to earn some extra money for Reese. He is sent to backwoods Mississippi where the hospital is only a clinic in a two-room building.

    This is a challenging episode for Peter as he is forced to practice medicine with limited means. I really liked this episode because we get to see another side of Peter. He is away from the fancy modern surgery that he is used to and is forced to go back to basic's.

    Peter delivers a difficult infant in the breach position. I loved how he used his computer to help him through it.