Season 11 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • Oh.. not the best

    I do not know - there was somehow so much thing going on but.. nothing in the end. I am tired of that Wendall's wining and she really is not a best char. And the game Abby and Jake are playing - I am not buying it either. The only good thing, what saved this episode for me, was that man with romantic name (as he said) and that he said this day is best day of his life. And to see surgent and Kovac yell at each other - it was worth it too.

    And the case with kid - tragic but nothing original or new.
  • Finally a good episode.

    i like this episode, because it was intersting and not boring and out of point. The battle between Dubenko and Kovac, is just brilliant, i love the guy who they were attending he felt so important, because 2 doctors were fighter over him, and then when he call the wife of his boss and tell her that he loves her, it was very sweet.

    I love too, how the relation beteween Jake and Abby is growing and how at first she is hard, and seem to not care but at the end of the day, the are sleeping together, io don't like very much the guy, he is ugly and have face og been high, but he is very sweet. And how to forget about the little boy, at the beginning i knew he would come with more serius injuries but never that he was going to die, i at fist i tought it was the big brother and the bullies of his friends, because he have a mean face, but not it was another guys. Poor them.
  • very underrated episode

    This episode helped me get into the series again. There were two great story lines and one weaker one, but all in all it was a great episode. I think that the story of the kid beaten to death by bullies shows a lot of things and is very powerful. Unfortunately, it was a little too close to home for me. I believe that the show needs to cover this issue, and this was the most it has. I also enjoyed the story of the man who was shot in a disput with his boss. I think the dispute between Kovac and Dubenko was classic ER, and very memorable. The Abby/Jake story line was a lot weaker, but doesn't take away from the great episode.