Season 10 Episode 21


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • Outstanding and sad.

    Carter and Kem lose their baby, devestating. Noah Whyle's acting was superb and outstanding. When John Snr came and hugged a hysterically crying Carter I cried with him. Abby graduates but isn't a doctor 100%, yet. Luka comes to the graduation after Abby asks him not too, a nice gesture. A very, very pregnant Susan Lewis goes too. Steve pushes Luka out of Sam and Alex's life much to Sam's dismay. Cannot wait till Steve leaves, he's a jerk. Absoutely loved Midnight, I think its the best episode of season ten for Carter. A huge tearjerker and I hope Whyle's final season allow him to show more emotion.
  • Graduation day...

    It was so emotional, again.. And that is the reason why I love this series - the bittersweet emotion, always something to think about, something that will move you.

    The greatest part of this episode was definitely Kem and Carter - the tragedy that hit them and the way... oh, it really made me cry.. and there was nothing they could have done. The irony - Kem came to states as there would be the best care.. and still, nothing.. still, their baby died.

    And ofcourse.. it was important day for Abby and Neela as they finished medschool. She did it - that what maybe noone thought..
  • The emotions in this episode is why I watch it over and over again.

    This episode has to be the best episode ever in this season. Seeing John and Kem deal with the loss of their baby. He is a doctor and instead of stepping in and questioning everything, he took the "dad" side of it all in. My heart breaks everytime I see this episode and even though I was upset with John for breaking Abby's heart, I think the story of his love for Kem was far greater. Seeing them hold the baby at the end, TEARS were flowing. And Abby dealing with her pending graduation is just as normally chaotic in her life.

    Great episode even though it was 3 years ago !
  • Good bye little Carter.

    Even i hate Kem, i couldn't help but being sorry for her, because of the baby, it must have been very painfull.

    I love when Carter's father arrived and Carter only hug him and star crying very touching scene, and like later he said, theres nothig that other people said that would make you fell better.

    I don't like Alex's dad, and Sam is doing the right thing trying to keep him away from Alex, and he just can't come and pretend that everything was ok, and that he is the father and all that stuff with Luka, because i bet Luka now more Alex and Sam that he does.
  • bittersweet

    Well, this episode is certainly an emotional roller coaster. It starts with all of the anticipation on Carter and Kem's baby and of Abby, Neela, and Lester graduating from med school. The whole episode turns when Kem realizes that the baby isn't kicking anymore. It turns into one of the most emotional storylines in ER history. I can only imagine it, but that has to be the worst feeling in the world for both parents to be in the hospital with all the new parents, but knowing that your baby has died. Watching them say goodbye to their son is one of the most painful ER scenes to watch ever. One thing that disappointed me about this episode was that there is no mention of Kerry's having lost a baby under similar circumstances, at least not in relation to Carter's situation. The episode then ends with the graduation which is great, you have to be proud for Abby. All in all, this is a great emotional episode.