Season 10 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2003 on NBC

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  • Not the best, not the worst.

    This episode wasn't very good. I don't like the fact that no one shows up at Romano's service only Elizabeth, i understand that he was mean and that he like to ridicule people but that dosen't mean he wasn't love and beside as Elizabeth said, he had no family, no wife, no kids, he has only the hospital and i think that the hospital really let him down, shame.

    Well yesterday when i read sam and luka have a moment i think they kiss each other, but it was only a hug!! very disappointing and then poor Alex, the way Sam treat him is very bad, but she is very young and very stupid, i mean she have Alex when she was only 15 wow. The fact that Alex stole a finger it was disgunstin, and poor little thing he felt that her mother dosen't care, because everytime he made new friends she decided to go.

    The only thing good about this episode was seeing Neela drunk, like she said everyone thing she was a saint but, no she isn't. Hate Dr. Pratt with Dr. Gallant sister y really want to beat him , he was soooo snobish and lik: "look at me i'm here!".

    The last thing poor Abby 52% that's really low, why should she choose that carrer if is one of the most dificults?