Season 10 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2003 on NBC

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  • alex steals a finger luka susan robert dies memorial service you know the drill this is filler

    I think that this episode was pretty good! I loved the funny parts with Alex stealing a finger, and lots of other things. I REALLY didnt like when Sam says to Luka, \\\"You dont know anything about raising kids\\\". I would have been like, \\\"B%&*#, you don\\\'t know me!! Who are you??!!\\\" WTF? Sam doesn\\\'t know Luka, so how does she know? Of course, we know that Luka had 2 kids, a happy family. He really should have called her on that. Anyways, I thought it was sad that no one showed up to Robert\\\'s memorial service. I know he was a dick, but still. Kerry should have at least gone to it, she had the most history with him, besides Elizabeth. It seems like the people who knew him were avoiding it, and trying to avoid the fact that he died. Besides that, it was pretty good. I always love Abby\\\'s outbursts. And, ooh...Neela and Mike....sorry. Anyways, this was pretty good, but then again, I always love ER!
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