Season 13 Episode 14

Murmurs of the Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on NBC
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Luka tries to extricate Pratt from a legal mess while Abby, confronted by a vengeful Ames, tries to reach him. Later, Luka finds himself in a tense confrontation with Ames, and Abby must act to protect her family. Neela and Gates rush and unconscious Meg to the hospital. A blaze destroys Sam's new home, and she has her suspicions about how the fire started.moreless

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  • Heartbreaker

    I just do not know.. For so so long there has been no episode of ER that had made me cry (on good old days, like almost every second one made me cry) but this one did. I just could not stand watching that little girl on her mother's death bed and... what she said and all the thing.. It was just so cruel and so .. and I just cried. It sounds weird but I love when they manage to get emotional connection and with that storyline they did.

    The other Abby storyline with Luka been hostage by Ames.. it was also tragical but it did not had the impact Gate's storyline did.. And Sam and her apartment...moreless
  • Curtis Ames' story is really sad and it's such a tragedy that it should end like this. As always, powerful acting from Forrest Witaker and Goran Visnjic.

    Most emotional scene: Abby telling Ames about her life 9 years ago and how everything has changed for her since then. Regardless of some continuity slip here (could Abby really have been in that situation 9 years ago? etc), I still feel that this is an excellent scene. She is reasoning with him, trying to make him see things differently, and it seems like her story is touching his heart temporarily at least. Also, I find it kind of scary that he knows the names of Abby and Joe. He must have done his homework....

    Most powerful scene: Luka and Ames, of course. Luka's hand crushed in the vise.... Ouch!!! This is really painful to watch! Very well played by Goran! In his eyes we see his pain, but also resistance against Ames. He still isn't a broken man. They get up on the roof, and that's when Ames eventually gets the words from Luka that he wanted all along; Luka gives up the fight admitting that he had made a mistake about not finding Ames' heart murmur. - I feel so sad for Ames, that his experiences had made him so desperate that this was his ony remaining option. I would have wished him a happier end! Very well done, Forrest Witaker!!!

    Best scene: Abby out in the street, helpless at first, not being able to do anything help Luka, and then the relief of seeing him coming out of the house. And that hug at the end.... I believe, this is when she realizes how much she really loves him.

    Best close-up: Luka's crushed hand and his cell phone in his other hand. Most surprising revelation: Is Sarah Gates' daughter? It feels a little "soap-opera-ish" to me. However, Chloe Greenfield (the girl playing Sarah) is a wonderful actress. Sarah's sorrow as her mother has just died... wow... That really breaks my heart. The fire at Sam's is a sad story. I feel particularly sad for Sam's neighbour, Mr Owens, the old man who gets badly burnt.

    I feel for Pratt too, but doesn't he get off the hook surprisingly easy?moreless
  • A great episode, but I wonder whether it lived up to the hype and intensity surrounding it?

    My thoughts:


    Maura did very well in this show, as always...unfortunately, for this episode it was a very 'Abby Lockhart' story (by that I mean the usual: Abby has something that she could offer to improve a situation, but she has to deal with the doubts of male superiors, and once shoved aside, decides to not take 'no' for an answer.) A lot of the dialogue between Luka and Ames was unnecessary--it seemed to be mainly repeating what we had learned about the situation in previous episodes. Though it was mildly suspenseful (not "OMG"-suspense, but the kind that leaves you muttering mild swear words at commercial breaks), it was also fairly predictable. Ben/Sam/Alex/etc...

    This plotline wasn't developed as much as it could have been, which made me sad. There could have been so much more to Sam and Alex being trapped in the burning building..but of course, this issue had to be solved before the second commercial break to make way for the more critical hostage plotline. And how about continuity? Besides the fact that she came out of her burning apartment, where she likely wouldn't have been trapped had she not taken so long to get dressed before looking for Alex, nearly spotless, Sam enters the ER suffering from smoke inhalation, but somehow, by the next scene, she's assisting in trauma without a single breathing issue? Somehow, I don't think that that should be right. As for Ben, props to him for saving people without a shirt on. Overall Bamness(aka Ben and Sam togetherness) was only about two minutes of airing. Oh, and Sam's now admitted that she's scared of Alex. Hmmm....


    The only big surprise of the entire show! Poor girl, though. I don't feel badly for Tony at all. He's going to have a lot more to deal with now.

    I can't remember what other things I had to say, but there were others...moreless
  • Ames hits rock bottom and a tense confrontation occurs.Sam's building sets alight and Meg attempts suicide.

    An aboslute classic.

    Ames has hit rock bottom and appeared in Luka's flat demanding answers.Abby was obivously worried sick after trying to stop Luka going.That scene with him pushing her away was hard to watch.Ames is obviously in the revenge stage after missing his daughter's recitle and learning they will now be calling their step-dad dad.Luka's hand being squashed in that vice was horrific but some damn good acting by Goran the pain on his face.It was implied that Ames did it to show Luka the pain and stop him being able to work.The roof scene was tense, Ames kept pushing for answers and he finally got them when Luka admitted he should of noticed the murmur.Abby's firghtened whisper of his name got me worried as if that would be the last thing Luka heard.A gun was pointed two shots fired and yet it was unclear who was hit, Abby was distraugt and i finally breathed when Luka appeared.That final montage with the two of them hugging, the music and Ames dead shot in the head were phenomenal.

    Pratt was released and made a pact to never return to administrating drugs.. too late..? Sam's appartment went up in flames on some level it's obvious she knows what happened.Whilst Meg died after revealing the shock revelation that "she's yours" I'm taking she means Sarah.The acting by the girl that plays sarah was awesome the distress in her cry wow..!

    ER excells once again!moreless
  • Is it me or are these children in the show just too rude for the average teenager? Alex burns down the whole apartment (I think) Tony's kid Sarah (saw that 1 coming)...rubishes Neila bagging her mother! PMS or what! :(moreless

    Curtis is a loony that swears that he's a doctor no way is Luka going to die!

    Poor Pratt and how comes Hope isn't getting in trouble? I can't stand her anymore she's too happy- no character whatsoever.

    I've been watching ER since I was small but the story line is getting predicatable. :(

    If only they could bring back Dr. Green and his disfunctional daughter feeding Ella E's (Only joking)see the writer swears that all teenagers are all drama and vicious.

    6.4 because I still love ERmoreless
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  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Talking about Ames)
      Abby: What does he want? I mean, what does he want? If he wanted to kill Luka he could've shot him an hour ago!
      Valentine: Well maybe he wanted a bigger audience.

    • Desk sergeant: Heard the cops took Pratt on one walk of shame.
      Frank: If they did, they got it wrong okay. Pratt's as good as they come.

    • (Abby is in a hurry to get Ames' records, but Frank doesn't know that)
      Frank: Hey, you're either a little late or very early.

    • (Alex is lying in a hospital bed, and in the background Gracie is lying in a bed too, when Sam walks in)
      Gracie: What happened tonight Sammie?
      Sam: Ahh... What did Alex say?
      Gracie: Nothing, he won't talk to me.
      Sam: Yeah, well I don't know what happened. (We can see Alex opening his eyes, but Sam and Gracie can't). But if it is what I think... It scares the hell out of me.

    • (Meg took an overdose of pills and Tony is helping her in her car)
      Tony: Now we're gonna place a tube in your throat, it's gonna help you breathe okay?
      Meg: (Whispers) Closer.
      (Tony gets closer to her.)
      Sarah, she's yours Tony... She's yours. (Tony is stunned by what she says.)

    • Ames: You're the successful doctor... right? You're smart, you're beautiful. You got the man, you got the baby, you got everything. So don't take it personal, when I say to you: you have no idea where I am right now.
      Abby: You're wrong.
      Ames: You think so?
      Abby: Yeah. I think I know exactly where you are right now. You know nine years ago I had... My marriage was over, my mother was in a mental institution for the seventh time, I don't know and I drank... a lot. A lot! And I had reached this... I... You know what, I... One morning I woke up in this apartment and I had no idea how I got there, next to some guy I didn't even remember meeting. And he was going through my stuff looking for money so he and his buddy could get a fix. So I ran outta there and I went downstairs, and I tried to get a cab, but I had no idea where I was and it was five o'clock in the morning and there were no cars in the street, so I just... I just sat down on the stoop and I just... I waited for something to happen. And at that moment I'm telling you, I knew, I mean, I was positive that happiness was something I was never gonna find.
      Ames: Getting deep on me, now.
      Abby: (In tears) No! I am just trying to tell you that things can change, they can get better, even if you don't see it, they can!
      (You can see a tear shining in Curtis' eye)

    • (Ames has just broke into Abby's and Luka's apartment and asked Abby to call Luka)
      Abby: Luka.
      Luka: Are you okay?
      Abby: Can you come home now?
      Luka: No, it's gonna probably be a couple of hours. Pratt's been arrested.
      Abby: You need to come home now.
      Luka: What's wrong?
      Abby: Nothing I just... It's just something happened and we need to discuss it.
      Luka: Is Joe okay?
      Abby: He's fine, just come home.
      Luka: Okay, tell me what's the matter.
      Abby: I need to see you.
      Luka: Okay, I... I'll be right there.
      (You see Ames hanging up the phone in the background)
      Ames: (To Abby) Thank you.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode was nominated for a 2008 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Television: Short Form – Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement.


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