Season 13 Episode 14

Murmurs of the Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • Heartbreaker

    I just do not know.. For so so long there has been no episode of ER that had made me cry (on good old days, like almost every second one made me cry) but this one did. I just could not stand watching that little girl on her mother's death bed and... what she said and all the thing.. It was just so cruel and so .. and I just cried. It sounds weird but I love when they manage to get emotional connection and with that storyline they did.

    The other Abby storyline with Luka been hostage by Ames.. it was also tragical but it did not had the impact Gate's storyline did.. And Sam and her apartment...
  • Curtis Ames' story is really sad and it's such a tragedy that it should end like this. As always, powerful acting from Forrest Witaker and Goran Visnjic.

    Most emotional scene: Abby telling Ames about her life 9 years ago and how everything has changed for her since then. Regardless of some continuity slip here (could Abby really have been in that situation 9 years ago? etc), I still feel that this is an excellent scene. She is reasoning with him, trying to make him see things differently, and it seems like her story is touching his heart temporarily at least. Also, I find it kind of scary that he knows the names of Abby and Joe. He must have done his homework....
    Most powerful scene: Luka and Ames, of course. Luka's hand crushed in the vise.... Ouch!!! This is really painful to watch! Very well played by Goran! In his eyes we see his pain, but also resistance against Ames. He still isn't a broken man. They get up on the roof, and that's when Ames eventually gets the words from Luka that he wanted all along; Luka gives up the fight admitting that he had made a mistake about not finding Ames' heart murmur. - I feel so sad for Ames, that his experiences had made him so desperate that this was his ony remaining option. I would have wished him a happier end! Very well done, Forrest Witaker!!!
    Best scene: Abby out in the street, helpless at first, not being able to do anything help Luka, and then the relief of seeing him coming out of the house. And that hug at the end.... I believe, this is when she realizes how much she really loves him.
    Best close-up: Luka's crushed hand and his cell phone in his other hand. Most surprising revelation: Is Sarah Gates' daughter? It feels a little "soap-opera-ish" to me. However, Chloe Greenfield (the girl playing Sarah) is a wonderful actress. Sarah's sorrow as her mother has just died... wow... That really breaks my heart. The fire at Sam's is a sad story. I feel particularly sad for Sam's neighbour, Mr Owens, the old man who gets badly burnt.
    I feel for Pratt too, but doesn't he get off the hook surprisingly easy?
  • A great episode, but I wonder whether it lived up to the hype and intensity surrounding it?

    My thoughts:

    Maura did very well in this show, as always...unfortunately, for this episode it was a very 'Abby Lockhart' story (by that I mean the usual: Abby has something that she could offer to improve a situation, but she has to deal with the doubts of male superiors, and once shoved aside, decides to not take 'no' for an answer.) A lot of the dialogue between Luka and Ames was unnecessary--it seemed to be mainly repeating what we had learned about the situation in previous episodes. Though it was mildly suspenseful (not "OMG"-suspense, but the kind that leaves you muttering mild swear words at commercial breaks), it was also fairly predictable. Ben/Sam/Alex/etc...
    This plotline wasn't developed as much as it could have been, which made me sad. There could have been so much more to Sam and Alex being trapped in the burning building..but of course, this issue had to be solved before the second commercial break to make way for the more critical hostage plotline. And how about continuity? Besides the fact that she came out of her burning apartment, where she likely wouldn't have been trapped had she not taken so long to get dressed before looking for Alex, nearly spotless, Sam enters the ER suffering from smoke inhalation, but somehow, by the next scene, she's assisting in trauma without a single breathing issue? Somehow, I don't think that that should be right. As for Ben, props to him for saving people without a shirt on. Overall Bamness(aka Ben and Sam togetherness) was only about two minutes of airing. Oh, and Sam's now admitted that she's scared of Alex. Hmmm....

    The only big surprise of the entire show! Poor girl, though. I don't feel badly for Tony at all. He's going to have a lot more to deal with now.

    I can't remember what other things I had to say, but there were others...
  • Ames hits rock bottom and a tense confrontation occurs.Sam's building sets alight and Meg attempts suicide.

    An aboslute classic.

    Ames has hit rock bottom and appeared in Luka's flat demanding answers.Abby was obivously worried sick after trying to stop Luka going.That scene with him pushing her away was hard to watch.Ames is obviously in the revenge stage after missing his daughter's recitle and learning they will now be calling their step-dad dad.Luka's hand being squashed in that vice was horrific but some damn good acting by Goran the pain on his face.It was implied that Ames did it to show Luka the pain and stop him being able to work.The roof scene was tense, Ames kept pushing for answers and he finally got them when Luka admitted he should of noticed the murmur.Abby's firghtened whisper of his name got me worried as if that would be the last thing Luka heard.A gun was pointed two shots fired and yet it was unclear who was hit, Abby was distraugt and i finally breathed when Luka appeared.That final montage with the two of them hugging, the music and Ames dead shot in the head were phenomenal.

    Pratt was released and made a pact to never return to administrating drugs.. too late..? Sam's appartment went up in flames on some level it's obvious she knows what happened.Whilst Meg died after revealing the shock revelation that "she's yours" I'm taking she means Sarah.The acting by the girl that plays sarah was awesome the distress in her cry wow..!

    ER excells once again!
  • Is it me or are these children in the show just too rude for the average teenager? Alex burns down the whole apartment (I think) Tony's kid Sarah (saw that 1 coming)...rubishes Neila bagging her mother! PMS or what! :(

    Curtis is a loony that swears that he's a doctor no way is Luka going to die!
    Poor Pratt and how comes Hope isn't getting in trouble? I can't stand her anymore she's too happy- no character whatsoever.
    I've been watching ER since I was small but the story line is getting predicatable. :(
    If only they could bring back Dr. Green and his disfunctional daughter feeding Ella E's (Only joking)see the writer swears that all teenagers are all drama and vicious.
    6.4 because I still love ER
  • the last time i checked ER was a medical series, not a soap opera..

    I am beyond confused with this episode... I used to have ER almost at the top of the med shows... back when mark greene was alive and we could enjoy hating (and loving) robert romano, when we could tune in and to hear elizabeth corday's beautiful accent... back when the show was STILL about medical stuff.. I havn't been feeling quite happy bout ER lately... but this episode just went beyond everything, it was soooo soapy I can't even find the words to describe it.. don't get me wrong, I love soap operas.. but you can't do that to a medical series.. I can't even remember when they had a real great case on the ER.. I don't want to compare, but any other medical show is above ER right now... House, Grey's Anatomy & of course Nip/Tuck, ER can't even dream to b compared to thoseshows right now, I think the show just jumped the shark... and that's a real shame, cuz I'm in medical school partially because of the influence of that show, back then when I was younger.. I just hope ER goes back to what it was, a really good, amazing medical series.
  • Like all episodes....just great

    even if the old cast has gone and moved onn to other projects, this cast is doing a great job filling the gap from thos that left. In this episode we see how a disturbe man has finally reveal his obsetion with luka, abby and the baby, taking abby firts as a hostage in her house with the baby then they called luka and he becomes the principal hostage that lead to the stand off with police. The actor deliver a great dramatic performance but at the en we see how the Curtis take his own life and ending the stand off.
  • Maniac Ames takes Luka as his hostage and leaves Abby desperate. Maniac Alex puts his home on fire. Maniac Meg dies, but not before telling Tony Sarah's "his". WOW!

    What was this episode? It made me crazy with worry for Luka, I was so scared that insane Ames was going to hurt him (more than he did). Goran Visnijc, Forest Whitaker and Maura Tierney were just unbelievable, they were SO great. All the Luka-Ames scenes were amazingly written and directed, it was a great finale for a very good and original storyline. As much as I hated Curtis Ames, I'm going to miss having Forest Whitaker around. Plus, all of Abby's scenes, her worrying so much, were really great too. Most importantly, she called Luka her husband twice. That's enough for me. Sam's house was on fire, all because of her crazy, maniac, weird, freak kid. When I tought Alex couldn't go any further. It was so sad to see Sam's poor neighbor dying because of that kid and I was worried about Gracie, who's just sooooo great. I can't wait to see what Sam's going to do about her son. Just when her life was getting good... Wow, Meg died. I didn't see it coming. I hope this doesn't mean the road's free for Neela and Tony (wow, I'm calling him Tony already. I'll admit, I like him). As much as I didn't like Sarah, all of her scenes with Tony and her dying mom were pretty cool. The last one, with them crying over Meg's dead body was just beautiful. And apparently, Sarah's "his". Wow again. One more big storyline for John Stamos, we're not even noticing they're throwing his character down our throats for us to like him.

    Pretty amazing episode. What's next for Luby and Joe? And a small note - I really missed Kerry.
  • This was without doubt one of the best episodes of ER I've ever seen!!! The final scene with Abby and Luca was incredable!!!

    This was one of the best episodes of ER I've ever seen!!! The whole episode was amazing, particularly the acting by Forest Whitacker. (I hope I spelled his name right) It was amazing how remarkably he was able to portray a man obsesed. I particularly loved how in several instances in this episode Luca and Abby referred to each other as their husband / wife. It just showed that even though they're not married they view each other in that way and see themselves as a family and not just boyfriend / girlfriend with a child. I was especially moved by the end scene when Abby is so desperatly trying to get the police to allow her into the building where Luca and Aimes are. THe look on her face when the shots were fired was an amazin piece of acting. Then when she saw Luca walk from the building with the SWAT team and she just ran into his arms...I have TIVO and I rewinded that part about half a dozen time so I could re-watch it!
  • Luka is taken hostage by Ames, who decides to finally seek his revenge. Meg overdoses and suffers a fatal end.

    I was left speechless after watching this episode. The credits came on the screen and I sat motionless on my sofa with my jaw to the ground. It left me in awe at how powerful ER can be.

    The scenes between Luka and Ames were heartwrenching and the tension between them was tangible. I knew Luka would not get shot but just the possibility of it happening was enough to make me sit on the edge of my seat. It was an exceptionally dark episode from Meg's death to Ames' suicide, one wonders where I remembered to breathe. But despite how dark it was, there is so much that we can take from it, such as admitting when we are wrong, learning that leaving is sometimes best and sometimes not, and knowing that at any moment our entire lives are bound to change.

    Gates may now be left with the responsibility of caring for Sarah, and Luka is left, I think, with a sense of bittersweet peace: Ames is now a part of his past but how will that traumatizing night affect him in the long run?

    It was beautiful though sad and undoubtedly deserving of a 10 in my book.
  • I could kinda see the end comming but it was really great done!!I just loved it :)

    The most exiting things about this episode was the Ames-thing, but also the fire at Sam's apartment.To see the "hunt" after Luka and Ames was good, and so was Abby's storyline with the cops and of course Frank :) The thing with Gates,Neela,Meg and Sarah was also good, really good and I hoped that Meg's heart would start beat again.And in the end I felt so sad for Sarah and Gates lost, but I wish that Sarah could accept Neela as Neela and not a b***h

    Summary, i loved this eppie and wanted it to be more than just an hour ;)
  • The ending is pretty much what I predicted.

    Though I thought Ames would make a speech saying that he was going to die and wanted Luka to remember seeing him put a bullet in his head.

    I felt sorry for Ames up to the point where he started torturing Luka. I was waiting for him to shoot him in the hand. The Ames character is typical of the black stereotypical crazed male who settles things with violence by revenge on someone whom he thinks damaged him; regardless of whether or not the person did it intentionally or not. Ames blames Luka for his wife leaving him? Id say either Ames himself was to blame for it with his attitude or his wife was looking for a reason to dump him anyway for some rich, studly man. Was it simply that Luka never used the right words that Ames wanted to hear? And if he had, would that have changed anything? Not with a guy like Ames. Whitaker is a good actor that was used in a not so good way.

    People have this idea that doctors, especially ER doctors, are gods that never make mistakes. There is now, in this lawsuit prone society, I would have ever wanted to become a doctor. I can understand lawsuits when a doctor is drinking on the job or intentionally does something that harms a patient, but today lawsuits are making things worse by driving good doctors out and detering others from becoming doctors. Of course Law Schools are bulging at the seams...

    From the previews it looks like Luka is thinking about quitting medicine - wouldnt blame any doctor in his position after Ames went bonkers like he did.

    While the episode was good overall ER is running out of steam, I just hope they end it while its still watchable. Other than Luka and Abby are the only character left that I really care about. Next season should be it, but as long as the ratings are good enough it could go on for years.
  • W O W

    I knew there was more trouble ahead with Curtis Ames, but never in a million years would I have thought of that. This episode was super exciting and I was soo reliefed in the end that Luka got through it!
    Finally, the storyline with Ames is over and so is another one - Meg is gone and I can't say if I'm sad about it or not. I guess the best thing is that there's another interesting storyline ahead now. What did Meg mean "She's yours"? Was it just saying goodbye and asking Tony to take care of her or did she really mean she was his daughter? I don't know every detail of their history, but couldn't it be that they had a thing back then already and Sarah's Tony's kid? That'd be cool. I'm just excited to find out what's going to happen with her now and that girl is gonna cause a lot more trouble for poor Neela. I hope she doesn't stay with Tony, but finally finds her way back to Ray. He's the better guy anyway and he waited so long, it's really time for them to be together!
  • Far more than I was expecting, Luka being hurt by Ames, Abby suffering for the situation and Meg dying. SUPER!!!

    I can't explain in words how I feel about this episode, I've been in the edge of my seat, my heart was just beating so fast I could listen it very loud.

    Of course the best part was Luka's kidnapping, Forest Whitaker was awesome, he sure deserves the Oscar, because his perform as Curtis Ames blown my mind, he made the scenes so intense with Goran Visnjic, that I was suffering like I was Abby in the show, more than her I guess. LOL

    I can't to see next episode!!!!
  • I didn't feel excited during watching ER for a long time, now I did.

    I think this was a great episode, with all the lot going on. Alex put their house on fire, not intentionally, but he didn't say a thing. Sam got worried, a lot. Tony's ex died, and he found out the girl is his daughter. How to go on now with Neela? And Luka trying to talk Ames out of whatever he wants to do. Could they put more action into 45 minutes? I really hope the show can stay this good, because 13 seasons are a lot, and if this season doesn't work out well, I think they're gonna cancel it. Anyway, it should go on like that...
  • I could almost feel the pain through my television as I watched Luka beat and harrassed by Curtis Ames.

    This episode started out rocky for me. But, I'll get right to the point, the acting was incredible! Cheers to the entire cast involved in this episode! In my opinion, the acting was by far superb, it was as if I was there, witnessing the spectacle. Goran Visnjic, Forest Whitaker, and Maura Tierney were phenominal in this episode, and for me, that is all that should really be taken away from this enstallment. While on the issue of acting, I thought the actress who played Sarah (Meg's daughter) was also fabulous. The scene of her crying near her mother's bedside nearly brought me to tears. And if that weren't enough, what did it for me was the hug between Luka and Abby once Luka is rescued. They embraced eachother with such an overwhelming relief and love, I was in need of a few tissues! Overall, I must say, this was another amazing enstallment for ER.
  • HOLY MOLY! what an episode!

    it was sooo goood! well worth the wait! such fantastic acting by goran, maura and forest! my god it was just amazin!I'm starting to like gates, i think Stamos's acting in this episode was really good, realy heart felt. And the actress that plays Sarah was amazin! i was in tears when she was saying goodbye! I didnt really like the pratt stuff, it wasnt going anywhere, just filling in minutes. The fire scenes were quite exciting, that Alex is serrrrriously messed up! he needs to be sent away! Poor sam, nothing goes right for her. I liked her acting with her neighbour, she looked really upset!

    And to the best bits.. Luka/Abby/Ames! omggggg i loved it! just loved it! it was nice to see some background info on abby, it was an effective way to show how much she had grown! oo and when she was trying to make Luka stay and he kept pushing her back, you could really sense their fear. If Emmys aren't awarded then there has to be a conspiracy going on, the acting was outstanding! When luka and ames got to the abandoned house and luka had to start to crush his own hand, i was having a wobbily! it was cringing, but Gorans acting in these parts was SO FREAKIN AMAZIN! he, he just looked so realistic, as if he really was in pain! theres so much more to say, but im still in a state of shock, it was soooooo brilliant!

    The final scene, when luka walks out and abby runs to him, was just a perfect ending! im so glad they are together, there so right! i loved how the camera stayed on them! WOW just a fantastic episode! im going to have to re-watch it! WOW
  • Cliff hangers resolved and now where do we go from here?

    I am still reeling from watching 'Murmurs of the Heart'. It's been nearly 20 hours and after three viewings I am certain of just one thing. I will never be able to watch Forest Whitaker in the same light again. It will be extremely difficult for me to shake the rolling eyed, maniac, emotionally tortured, spittle spewing character that he created in Ames. Too bad...because I so enjoyed him in 'Good Morning, VietNam.' Another actor that blew me away was Chloe Greenfield as 'Sarah.' Her reactions to Neela, to the procedures going on around her, to Gate's compassion and preparation for the demise of her mother and finally the grief were spot on. This kid is what...11 or 12? But theirs were just standouts in an already incredibly acted episode. Maura Tierney did herself proud...again....holding her own against the much touted guest actor. Watching Abby swing from defiance to vulnerability to anger to terrified bystander to relief was exhausting. She NEVER disappoints. I will say though that I had to go watch her clips from the pre-21 Guns shows to lighten my mood again.) Goran Visnjic. Wow. I pushed the mute button more than once because I couldn't bear what was going to be coming out of his mouth. I especially liked his setting Abby aside rather firmly as he was leaving the apartment with Ames. He established himself as probably the only one who can really control her. Heh. The Neela, Gates and Meg storyline was heartbreaking. And really held it's own against the Luby in Peril stuff. Stamos has redeemed himself a bit in my eyes. Sam's story line did not however. It was a total waste of expensive special effects. By the time they rolled around I was so caught up in the rest of the angst that I really didn't care. Sam's problems parenting a pyrotechnic preteen would have been better served in a less intensive episode. WE know the fire was an accident, but I think it's not going to play out that way for Alex's future. Frank and Prat provided much needed light comedic relief. Pratt's experiences in the cell block and his encounter with the Reverand (love child of David Koresh and Al Sharpton...hee!) was stupid. Just where is that holy roller stuff going?? Is this an attempt to reinvent the Bishop/Luka story line??? Really, there is no parallel here. Is there?

    But in the end....the hug.....the lights in the street....the Chicago skyline. It didn't matter that we weren't in the ER to me. What mattered is that my two favorite characters went through the cesspool of angst...again...and this time, came out intact. This has to be the very end of the crap those writers can put them through....right? They are due a lengthy bit of happiness....right?
  • Thank the gods the Ames storyline is over.

    This episode to me came off like a bad soap opera. In fact, I could say that about most of this season.

    The Curtis Ames storyline has gone on way too long, and I simply had no empathy for him any more (not that they did a very good job of making me empathize with him in the first place). I watched the entire Ames portion of this episode with nothing but boredom, knowing exactly how it was going to turn out...and I was right. They couldn't have been more cliché without making it a spoof.

    Then we've got Alex, poor psycho Alex, lighting the apartment on fire. Yet another psycho on the show, and we hadn't even gotten rid of Ames yet. exciting...not!

    (Like the spoof questions from the old comedy Soap....)
    What's going to happen with Tony and Neela? Will Tony be a good father? Is Tony really the father? Is Alex really the psychopath he appears to be, or is he just a disgruntled teenager with pyromaniac tendencies? Will Curtis Ames rise from the dead to continue to haunt Luka and Abby? Have any of the male characters not gone out with any of the female characters? Having exhausted those possibilities, will we now start seeing gay relationships instead? (If so, can we see please see Gates & Barnett together? :P) Why am I reminded of daytime soap operas? Why do I have a hard time caring any more? Why am I still watching this travesty of a show?
  • Wears me out...

    I don't know where ER is going, but this episode embodied the reason I find it difficult to watch, even though I look forward to it each week, darkness. Everything is so dark. The photography is dark, the story line is dark, the characters' lives are dark.Everyone is spiraling into a depressive state. I just hope now, that Alex has reached a deep spot with his Mom, that Ames is dead, and Luca seems to have reached a personal understanding that the storyline will perk up and be a little more positive. Life outside in the real world is difficult enough, why watch ER and end the show feeling even more depressed? But this is only my humble opinion of last night's episode.
  • Luka and Ames go for a drive; Neela and Tony try and save Meg. And the redundant ALex lays in the hosptial while Sam aplogizes to a burn victim.

    As much as I have loved the show over the past 13 years, this was the most overrated anticlimatic show I have ever seen. Where are these writers coming from? Community Colleges? The ratings are horrible and this is why. The only bright spot is Maura Tierney whose character stood up to Whitaker's. Ames killing himself probably was not the right ending. Luka breaking down and admitting his mistake and seeing how Ames felt was a huge scene, but then it died. They then go to the roof and await the cops before Ames uses two bullets to shoot himself in the head?!
  • Where is Sam going to live? How will Kovac get over this trama? And will Gates be a good daddy?

    How good was this show last night!? Totally depressing but totally exciting all at the same time! Drama Drama Drama!
    Do you think Gates really is the father? Will he take care of her? And holy crap was that exciting on top of the roof with Kovac!! Awesome episode!! I think ER continues to be one of the best shows on tv. There was a period when it was slow moving and the characters weren't very exciting but one thing ER does is keep us on our toes by switching things up with great guest stars and great writing. This episode proved just that once again and I think Forrest Whittaker deserves and Emmy!
  • Do you remember the last time you were on the edge of your seat for every passing second of the episode? I do. Season 12 finale. And now tonight...

    Riveting. Breathtaking. Nerve wracking. One of those episodes where you find yourself unable to just watch because every so often you look down at your legs and notice the tremors they're having. The only simple way to describe this episode would be 'intense'. From the moment it came on and you were reminded of the dramatic happenings of 3 weeks ago, until the moment "Christopher Chulack" and the rest of the gang came onto the screen, there wasn't a second you could blink without missing something huge. In response to those who thought ER was on life support and/or should've ended years ago, I feel like a big "I told you so" is in order. Any show that can run for over 12 years and then capture an audience with an episode like this deserves to be rated #1 in it's time slot. Which, I believe, it is.

    To start, the most important (in my eyes) issue of this episode, the Luka-Abby-Ames triangle.

    If you are even half the Luby fan I am, I don't think you could be able to breathe either. I almost cried just *thinking* that Luka might die. Imagining the pain Abby would have to suffer having lost her true love. And Joe. Growing up without a father. Everyone would lose something if Luka were to die. I love these people like family. (Talk about a captivating TV show. I sometimes find myself forgetting that these people are fiction.) Anyway, about the triangle. A huge congratulations to all three actors. This episode would not have and could not have been so suspenseful had any of those three actors been anything less than they are. Lucky for the writers, ER has some of the best acting there is out there. Each scene involving any two of the three kept my eyes wide and a slight (and sometimes more than slight) nausea growing in my stomach. Every emotion, line, and action was played with such precision. A performance like this can just put you in awe. And it's one of those episodes that acts as such an inspiration to any dream, goal, or aspiration as an actress I have. All that's left in my mind is 'acting truly can be beautiful'. Another congratulations to Forest Whitaker, Goran Visnjic, and (of course, my personal inspiration) Maura Tierney.

    The Sam/Ben/Alex storyline:
    Talk about a rebel kid. I liked him better before he had that brown spot on his face. Those of you who have been ER victims (meaning you've been sucked into watching ER weekly without having any control over it) for at least a few years now know what I'm talking about. I'm starting to like this Ben character though. Especially when his role is topless the whole episode. I didn't object to that. I thought the fire storyline was exciting and also well written, acted, and produced. Kudos.

    The Pratt storyline:
    I'm sorry. I'm not trying to offend anyone. But it's becoming later and later the more I type and the Pratt storyline honestly doesn't intrigue me enough to make me lose integral minutes of sleep over. So I'll leave the reviewing of this part to someone else.

    The Gates/Sarah/Meg/Neela storyline:
    I almost cried. Let's just get that out of the way now. I really hated Meg. I mean, I think I almost hated her as much as Neela does. Honestly. But when you see a little girl balling over her dead mother's body, you can't help but be affected. And I was. And it hurt Gates too. Neela even got hurt in the middle of it. But that little girl. Poor Sarah. Her dad's already dead and her mom OD's. Life's not fair, Sarah. We're sorry you have to learn that so soon. (OK, yes, guys, I know it's just a TV show...) I could see one pivotal moment for ER, though, in the Meg storyline. There are some things, I'm ashamed to say, you can predict in an ER episode. It's been said there's a rule that you, a character on ER, can only be happy for a max of 2 or 3 episodes, and then something dramatic and depressing or painful has to happen. Well there's also, in my opinion, a "rule" that anytime you have a doctor completely give up on a patient they didn't want to give up on (or maybe they did...) the second they hold compressions, a heartbeat returns. It's a predictable move on ER's part. But tonight, Tony held compressions and said to Sarah that if a heartbeat returns it's good and if it doesn't... she's dead. I, in all honesty, expected a heartbeat to arise on the heart monitor. I could picture it. The camera pans from Tony's hands slowly up towards the monitor. And as his hands stop compressing, nothings happens for a second. And then a blip. And another. And another. And before you know it, Meg's alive again and her heart is beating on it's own. I was almost disappointed when I heard him saying that to Sarah. And then the asistole buzz rang through my surround sound speakers. And a slight twinkle shone in my eye. I could tell ER was changing. Departing from it's sometimes predictable ways and learning that not every patient, no matter how close to our hearts or the characters hearts, has to live. In short, I'm glad Meg died.

    To wrap it all up, this is the best episode I've seen since the season 12 finale. They're very close, to me, and I don't think I could easily choose which one was better. All I know is that if ER keeps giving us episodes like that, ER won't need life support at all for a while. I'm proud to say I watch ER, especially on a night like tonight. And I'm even more excited that we don't have to wait 4 months for the next episode. On the contrary, we only have to wait a week.

    (Note: This review is completely my opinion and not intended to be offensive or insulting to anyone. I apologize if I've failed to maintain that standard.)
  • No doubt about it. ER is hotter than ever!

    Finally. Finally, a suspenseful ER episode. While I cannot say it is my favorite of all time (On the Beach, The Letter, Secrets and Lies, and a whole bunch of other episodes from the 8-10 period must be considered), it is up there in storylines. An intense storyline between Ames and Kovac that had me on the edge of my seat and screaming for Luka's pain. I was in suspense the entire time, although the gunshot at the end was clearly not aimed at Luka. That was pretty obvious. I was kinda disappointed that Ames killed himself, but I suppose that finally ends the chaos.

    The storyline between Gates, Neela, Sarah, and Meg was interesting. I had a hunch Meg would die and I was right. As much as I didn't like her or Sarah, I actually was depressed by the scenes of Sarah crying for her mother to hold on. I won't miss Meg, but I'm interested to see where this goes.

    The Sam/Alex storyline was weak. Please. No ones cares. I mean, honestly, that was all of ten minutes. They could have done more with that if they had wanted to, but whatever. Gave us more time for Luka and Abby.

    The high rating reflects the incredible story writing and acting on behalf of Luka and Ames. Excellent scene, great suspense, really kept me on the edge of my seat. It's episodes like these that remind me why I watch ER even in its 13th season.
  • Excelent episode amazing!!!

    Gates and Neela try to revive Meg after they find her unconscious in her car; Sam thinks she knows who set fire to her home; tensions mount as Ames (Forest Whitaker) gets more desperate for revenge.
    Original Air Date: February 1, 2007
    Cast: Goran Visnjic, Maura Tierney, Mekhi Phifer, Parminder Nagra, Linda Cardellini, Shane West, Scott Grimes, Laura Innes, John Stamos
    Special Guest Stars: Paula Malcomson, Forest Whitaker
    Descriptors: Repeat Episode
    Parental Advisory: TV14 Luka tries to extricate Pratt from a legal mess while Abby, confronted by a vengeful Ames, tries to reach him. Later, Luka finds himself in a tense confrontation with Ames, and Abby must act to protect her family. Neela and Gates rush to get Meg to the hospital. Sam’s new home is soon under threat from fire, but will everyone escape unscathed?
  • Unbelievable and Mindblowing!!!!!!!!

    Unbelievable and Mindblowing!!!!!!!! Best Episode of ER of all time. No doubt about it. Nothing even comes close. You could not ask for anything more. Great suspense. Great drama. Great emotion. Great acting. Painful and sorrowful ending. I cannot believe that Sarah is Tony's real daughter. Finally, Gates shows that his human side. Maybe this will change him into a better person. Strongest story of all time in the history of ER is definetly Aames and Kovac. Unbelievable drama. It has taken ER to new heights. I had my heart pounding and almost in tears at the end. Sam and Alex's storyline was the weakest, but it still was good. That tells you how great this show was. Awesome.
  • Oh my God! Are we watching Hostel now??

    Oh my God! What was up with the vice thing? From a person who can't even stand to watch the clips on tv of movies like Saw or Hostel, this was too much for me. So much cringing. There wasn't much to this episode that I liked. First of all, fake burn victims are my least favorite thing to watch. And what is up with Alex? Send him to military school please! Next, Meg's death. Which was very sad and screwed up at the same time. Although, I am glad that this gives Reela a better chance since Sarah hates Neela and Gates is going to have to take care of her now. However, I don't understand how Sarah can be Gates'. Wasn't she born before they went to the Gulf? Did Meg and Gates get together while Meg and her husband were married? Someone please clear this up for me. Finally, I thought the whole Ames/Kovac deal was awful. It was boring and did not thrill me and the vice thing totally lost it for me. I am so glad that storyline is dead. Let's move on!