Season 8 Episode 4

Never Say Never

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on NBC

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  • Many good point but some bits let it down..

    The return of susan was good to see , i did find it a bit akward though when she was knocking on the window of the trauma room like geese lady can't you see he's kinda busy..
    I also enjoyed the scene where the waitress came in to get her hand checked by Luka and abby was taking the mick that made me lauf .!

    Oh and then the scenes with the kid i think "john-thomas" oh such a spoilt brat but to see abby and luka smiling was great and then for him to tell her she was pretty soo sweet..
    Luka: I think he's going to Toys R'Us.
    Abby: Oh yeah. (laughs) What?
    Luka: I have'nt seen you smile for a while. Forgot how pretty you were.
    Abby: Thank you... (he leaves) ... I guess

    The downfall of this episode is weaver i had forgotten how much i hated her in the earlier seasons going to the meeting to save her own ass was pathetic , but i don't blame her for firing malucci.

    The storyline with elizabeth treating the six year old edwards syndrome patient was really touching i felt so sorry for the little boy after his parents had abandoned him.!