Season 8 Episode 4

Never Say Never

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on NBC

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  • When did Carry became everyone's enemy?

    This episode - it was very informing and taking deeper look into many chars.

    Mainly it was Weaver and Chen. Weaver is so... bossy, and on bad mood all the time, hostile and unfriendly. And then there is no reason to wonder why everyone is not friendly with her. I mos say on those times when Lewis where there first, she was much more friendlier. Jeanie and Carol.. and it looked that with Chen too but as it comes out this episode - she is out to protect herself. After little thinking and the end scene I think I might start to understand her. From long time she has carried a secret she is ashamed and cannot share with everyone. She is creating that hostile surrounding herself as she thinks they are her enemies. That could be behind it.

    And Chen... She thought that Weaver was trying to help her and first I think, it was about that but when Weaver felt that she is in danger, she panic. And Chen - the words she said at the roof - to be sure it is worth all the sacrifices they are going to make. Such a great thought thinking back for all what they have gone trough. And say that to Carter - the stabbing, Lucy, the addiction and his friend when he was still on medschool.. and there plenty of other things...

    Very thought provoking episode.