Season 8 Episode 4

Never Say Never

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • John Thomas: Let go of me!
      Mrs.Frum: Sit still, John Thomas. Let the doctors look at your head.
      John Thomas: It hurts!
      Abby: I know. We're gonna make it feel better.
      John Thomas: No!!!
      Luka: John, we're gonna give you a shot, so your head will stop hurting, o.k?
      John Thomas: My name's John Thomas, and I don't want a shot!
      Mrs.Frum: This is why daddy told you not to climb on the boat.
      John Thomas: I wasn't climbing!
      Abby: It's just gonna be a small pinch.
      John Thomas: I don't want a small pinch!!!
      Mrs.Frum: If you stop crying I'll take you to McDonald's.
      John Thomas: I don't want McDonald's! I wanna go to Toys R'Us!!!
      Mrs.Frum: McDonald's!
      John Thomas: Toys R'Us! Ow!!!
      Luka: Hold still. (gives him the shot) Almost finished.
      Mrs.Frum: Stop it John Thomas, or I'm gonna tell daddy you were climbing on his boat.
      John Thomas: I'll tell Grandma you're playing with daddy's penis Ow! (runs out, screaming hysterically with his mother running after him)
      Luka: I think he's going to Toys R'Us.
      Abby: Oh yeah. (laughs) What?
      Luka: I haven't seen you smile for a while. Forgot how pretty you were.
      Abby: Thank you... (he leaves) ... I guess.