Season 9 Episode 9

Next of Kin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2002 on NBC



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    • (to the director of an in-patient treatment facility)
      Eric: What about recess? I mean, no swings, no monkey bars, no slides, not even a merry-go-round.
      Maggie: Honey, why don't we go talk to some of the other people.
      Eric: For bipolar show-and-tell? Okay.

    • Susan: I so need a margarita. Are you ready?
      Chen: I think I'm gonna pass.
      Susan: Oh come on. I hate drinking alone. I mean I'll do it, but...

    • Pratt: A 12 year old cross-dresser?
      Erin: All I know is that anatomically she's a he.
      Pratt: You're sure about that?
      Erin: I've seen my fair share of penises.

    • Eric: Are you alone?
      Abby: No, mom's here too.
      Eric: (to Maggie) Why'd you bring her?
      Maggie: She's worried about you, Eric.
      Eric: I don't want you here.
      Abby: Just hold on, alright?
      Eric: I don't want you in my life right now.
      Abby: What?
      Eric: (to Maggie) Are you coming in? (Maggie goes inside and Eric tries to close the door)
      Abby: Okay. Eric, don't do this.
      Eric: Move your hand.
      Abby: You need help.
      Eric: I don't want to hurt you.
      Abby: You can't do this by yourself! You need structure and stability.
      Eric: Let go.
      Abby: Someone you can rely on and trust!
      Eric: That's not you anymore, okay? You don't understand.
      Abby: Yes, I do!
      Eric: You think you do! But you don't. You're not like us! You never will be.
      Maggie: I'll call you when we get settled.
      Abby: Don't bother. (walks away)

    • Morgan: Is my dad gonna be ok?
      Harkins: Morgan, your dad's in good hands
      Pratt: Yeah we got our second best doctor working on him
      Morgan: Second?
      Pratt: Well, number ones here working with you, isn't he?

    • Gallant: Dr. Lewis.
      Susan: I used to think that would be so cool to hear, "Doctor Lewis."

    • Susan: You're late.
      Luka: Blame my alarm clock.
      Susan: What's her name?

    • Susan: (to Carter) If I was stuck on a train with my family... Well, bad example. I'd throw myself on the tracks.

    • Chen: What do you think of the name Elias? [In regards to an abandoned baby]
      Lewis: Don't ask me, I named my dog Puddles. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • Abby: I'm done. I'm done with the both of them. I'm done with all of it. Cancel Christmas.

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