Season 10 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2004 on NBC

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  • Beautiful storyline of another side of medicine...

    It was so beautiful and very, very emotional. A lot of character development and really beautiful moments as there is still happiness but many hard times too as we saw. I loved that we had change to see and learn about Neela more as she looks interesting char. There is so much care and good heart with her, and she gets emotionally involved - it really shows there there is something inside her.

    This episode was mainly about emotion, about the stress and for a change, it was a great one - not usual, stand alone and really moving. Those parents who spent all those days there only to learn in the end, there is nothing to do.. or those ones from China.. who abandoned their daughter.

    Great episode.
  • The development of Neela and Abby's friendship, as we learn more about Neela.

    Yet another episode where a development of a friendship occurred. Now I love these type of episodes, because it means we learn more about the characters and their backgrounds. In this episode, Abby and Neela spend start their NICU rotation, which is famously disliked amongst the staff of the ER. The fact their taking this difficult path together gives the impression of tough times together, once again my point about friendship.
    Neela takes an immediate dislike to the place, as it holds memories of her little brother who died of SIDS when she was a child. Meanwhile Abby seems to be doing well, as she helps Kerry and Sandy deliver their baby. Her supervisor recommends she takes NICU residency but Abby doesn't think so, despite having talent in that department.
  • Love it!!

    This was a very good episode, very touching. You never imagine how many things could happen to a baby. I like that Neela and Abby were together in this hole episode, and that we could see the "the other side " of Neela, we alredy knew that she was very good at the academic things and that Abby sucks about academic but have a "thing" and thanks to that "thing" she was able to know more things.

    I think that what made Abby a bit more especial that Neela is that she has alredy been a nurse in the ER so she had seen more things that Neela as a med student have only heard or know by books and thats why Neela have this advantage.

    When the baby Jake was ready to go home and then he suddenly he get bad. Then her sister Miranda saw him and finally when abby was wrapping it up, i was crying very touching.

    I really like how at first nobody trust on Abby and then at the end when DR. Raab tell her she was very good and should be especialit in neonatalogy and that Dr. Weaver let Abby do the thing for her baby, they gave her trust and that motive abby.
  • Abby and Neela work their way through a rotation in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    In retrospect this is one of my all time favorite episodes in terms of character development for Abby and Neela. The difference in the way they approach this rotation - Neela was self confident and Abby very insecure - and the huge turn around by the end of the rotation was a nice touch. Sometimes the book stuff that Neela is so adept at isn\'t as important as the heart that Abby brings to the job. I LOVED her assertiveness with the nurses and the tears she shed when preparing Baby Jake for his last moments with his family. Dr. Raab\'s validation of her skills was icing on the cake. So was the display of Kerry\'s confidence in her as she asked that Abby do Henry\'s tap.
    I could never really see \'friendship\' between Abby and Neela until this episode. The final scene at the Sky Bar was fun....and made me want to see them together as friends again.
    NICU is a difficult place for physicians AND families to be. This episode did a pretty nice job at protraying that.
  • This is episode concentrates heavily on Abby and Neela. It shows up the differences between their approaches and their experiences. It gives us a chance to know Neela better, through Abby who we know well.

    The episode is set mainly in the 'box' that is NICU, so it is much quieter and calmer than most episodes, even though dramas are still unfolding.
    Abby continues to doubt her academic abilities, whilst Neela doubts her people skills. Abby certainly deals well with both parents and babies, and shows the patience that she has developed in nursing making her a more sensistive doctor. She is not always thanked for that, especially by other staff, but it is important to her. She needs approval and is quick to assume that she is being criticised not praised for her behaviour. She is much more intuitive than Neela, who is always runnig through books under her breath, rather than judging with her feelings. I think they make an interesting blend. Abby's age makes her seem like the older sister/mentor, but she is well aware of Neela's excellent academic abilities. I like this friendship.
    I was amazed at Kerry showing affection to Abby, when she can be so vitriolic, but maybe it was the moment! After all she had just witnessed Henry's birth. But she reinforced that belief in Abby when she let her do the spinal tap on him.
  • I loved this episode!

    This is one of my favorite ER episodes, EVER. Ever. This episode is one that inspires me the most, it makes me believe that there are good people out there.
    First of all, I loved how Abby really shows her true colors in the NICU. We, the audience, get so wrapped up in the drama that happens down in the ER between the doctors (who is dating who, blah, blah, blah) that we all forget the interactions between patients and doctors.
    One of my favorite parts is when Neela tells Abby that she really likes science, but does not have the touch that Abby does with her patients. I think that all those years of being a nurse is what has made Abby such a great doctor.
    Another one of my favortie parts was at the end when Dr. Rabb tells Abby that she should consider neonatology. Abby tries so hard to see in herself what everyone else in the hospital sees in her. Everyone that she works with realizes how great she is, yet she never truly realizes it for herself. Maybe that is a result of her childhood...
    One last thing I love about this episode is that we get to follow Abby and Neela throughout their 21 day rotation, and not just see one patient for less that five minutes on the screen before another one shows up; we get to see the families for a substantial amount of time.
  • unique

    There really is no other episode like this one. I enjoyed watching this because it fits the entire range of emotions into one episode. It shows how difficult working in the NICU is, which could not have been done in any other way to the same way. It's amazing how you see so many different outcomes with the different babies, from the parents who take their babies totally healthy to the babies who die. I think the most emotional part of the episode was when Jake was ready to go home, then he suddenly gets sicker. The episode seems to focus mainly on him because that is how we were introduced to the NICU storyline. This was a very good and emotional episode, and one of the most unique.