Season 3 Episode 11

Night Shift

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 1997 on NBC
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A long, cold night finds ER staffers with hours of time to kill. Weaver recruits staffers to participate in a study on sleep deprivation combined with physical activity. Gant appeals to Anspaugh after a public scolding from Benton. Carter ditches Dennis again to escape his whining, only to discover deadly results. Peter is denied a recommendation from Keaton one last time before she leaves for Pakistan. Mark and Chuny discover that they have a lot in common. Carol is at a crossroads when management demands she cut two RNs. Charlie comes into the ER severely beaten. Carol and Doug perform a safety check in the ER and a clock falls on Weaver's head.moreless

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  • Fun & games mixed with drama at the end.

    I enjoyed this episode. Its quiet night in the ER & the staff is bored. So they decide to have some fun. Weaver gets Jeanie to be part of her research to be published. It was fun watching Jeanie be the guinea pig! But afterwords Carrie gets rewarded but not in a good way.. Doug & Carol spend some alone time talking. Grant is upset because Benton always seems to be on his case. He asks Carter for support but Carter doesn't say anything. Then the ER gets an unexpected patient. This episode mainly show character development. Either way its a good one.moreless
  • Quiet episode with shocking ending.

    In compression with the usual episode, this one is really quiet and peaceful - it is too cold outside to be sick. The nurses do not have much to do. Doctors are more focused on their privates things or works undone as Mark needs much paperwork done and Weaver is trying to find someone as a labrot for her study. Some character development as Greene is also trying to get some personal life. Gant, who has been working much lately, is not impressing Benton at all and when he brings it to big clock, Carter fails him, as he is in the same time trying to get along with Benton too as he has just discovered about him and Keaton.

    All that quietness and nothing to do, makes Carter to go down to ER in case something can be done here - and it is empty and quiet there too, until it is said that trauma is going in.

    A serious injuries, with not much hope, the tempo up is the fist time of the episode only to learn that the injured one is Gant. Shocking end.moreless
  • A different episode, but a great one nonetheless.

    My admiration for ER is probably as transparent as a clean window. But after watching this episode I was once again compelled to share my feelings in this review. This episode was definitely slower paced than a normal ER episode, but I still thought it was excellent. One of the elements about this episode that jumped out at me was that it seemed as if it was real time. It also spent most of the episode engaging in character development. It also showcased the relationships between the characters, which I believed was crucial. This episode was another reason why I watch this show and why you should too. Check it out.moreless
  • unique episode

    This episode starts out slow and boring, but the action just keeps building to a dramatic finish. Throughout the episode, you just keep expecting something to happen. First we see Dr Greene caring for the woman with menningitis and trying to get consent for the spinal tap. Then we see Charlie coming into the ER beaten and Gant's dispute with Benton. Finally we see the great surprising ending with Dr Gant's death. It's an unforgettable episode for a lot of reasons with a lot of surprises. We also learn a little about Carol and Doug's past with the great scene in the storage room.moreless
John Rubinstein

John Rubinstein

Dr. Kenner

Guest Star

Ann Hearn

Ann Hearn


Guest Star

James McDonnell

James McDonnell


Guest Star

John Aylward

John Aylward

Dr. Donald Anspaugh

Recurring Role

Jorja Fox

Jorja Fox

Dr. Maggie Doyle

Recurring Role

Deborah May

Deborah May

Mary Cain

Recurring Role

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    • Benton: I came by to see if you'd reconsider writing me a recommendation. I mean, you've always complimented my surgical skills... And with a recommendation, I could get another Pediatric rotation.
      Keaton: And if I don't?
      Benton: What do you mean if you don't?
      Keaton: Will you report my relationship with Dr. Carter?
      Benton: You think I'm threatening you?
      Keaton: Are you?
      Benton: Dr. Keaton, if your recommendation isn't based on my abilities as a doctor, I don't want it.

    • Mark: Randi, you know we got a DB in the hallway?
      Randi: The morgue's slow. I put him near the door to keep him cool.
      Mark: Good thinking.

    • (the doctors are trying to save a man who was hit by the El, and the patient's beeper goes off)<
      Malik: Whose beeper is that?
      Benton: It's coming from the patient.
      Malik: (looking at the beeper) Lydia, what number did you page Gant to?
      Lydia: This room, 3376.
      Malik: That's the number on this pager.
      Doyle: Oh, my God.
      Carter: What?
      Doyle: The patient! It's Gant!

    • Conni: Here's one for you. "Longing for your embrace. Financial officer seeks life of adventure with very special lady."
      Chuny: Forget it.
      Conni: Sounds like money, honey.
      Chuny: What are we gonna talk about? Dow averages? Keep going.
      Conni: "Sensual MD, 35, 6'1"."
      Chuny: I like tall.
      Conni: "Makes up in passion what he lacks in hair."
      (both look up at Greene)
      Greene: It's not me. I'm not so desperate to have to use personals.
      Chuny: You calling me desperate?
      Greene: No, no, no. That's not what I meant.
      Chuny: So, where do you find all your dates?
      Greene: Actually, I haven't had one in a while.
      Chuny: See? Don't knock it till you try it.

    • Carter: Hey, Maggie. You got anything good?
      Doyle: Carol Hathaway dropped a clock on Weaver's head.
      Carter: Deliberately?
      Doyle: I'm foggy on the details.

    • Malik: Okay, if you could choose how to check out, how would you do it?
      Conni: Mmm, that's morbid.
      Chuny: I guess if I could choose how to die, I'd go by OD.
      Malik: A quick stroke would be better.
      Conni: If you survive, then you're an end table.

    • Chuny: Is this board right?
      Conni: Yeah. Not a single patient.
      Malik: Yeah, it's too cold to be sick.

    • Carter: Benton was out of line.
      Gant: Was he?
      Carter: Way out of line.
      Gant: I felt like punching out the bastard.
      Carter: That would have been unwise.

    • Greene: We're gonna see plenty of frostbite tonight.
      Chuny: And bumsicles. I hate the smell when they thaw.

    • Dr. Meyers: Patients have a right to make bad decisions.
      Dr. Greene: Not when they're demented.
      Dr. Meyers: That's where you and I disagree.

    • (regarding Greene's upcoming tenure review)
      Chuny: Is competition pretty stiff?
      Greene: About 5'4", red hair, with a limp...

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