Season 12 Episode 19

No Place to Hide

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on NBC

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  • Help with a song

    I'm trying to find the song that plays towards the end when they are watching the man get beaten to death. I've been trying to find it everywhere anyone know who sings it or what not?

    I loved this episode btw
  • Very important storyline

    I just cannot stop thinking how important storyline they have picked up - Darfur conflict. It is just weird how many people know nothing about the conflict and what's going on and that is the reason why tv shows like this, or artists or other way.. people try to get this heard. And it does work.

    To think to the episode. It was maybe again, a lot of about chars. They have been hunted by their past. I specially loved that little girl and Abby as she felt like she has been on that situation and now it was like look to Abby's life trough the eyes of the child. Great point of view.

    But for mostly - it was Brat in Darfur. The way he learns that this is so far of what he thought and... it is going to be interesting to learn what comes next.
  • frecked me out!!! and then made me teary

    loved where abby helped out the grandmother and granddaughter.
    hated the bit where pratt was in africa and that guy was getting beaten to death and then some person dropped the rock on the guys head..... horrible to watch....and where the driver got kicked in the mouth by the guy on the horses...
    i reackon in all it was a great episode..... cant wait till next week..
    plus seeing kerry walk without the walking stick for the first time was great but sad knowing no one even noticed taht she was walking on her own....
  • Oddly constructed

    Ok, well this episode was certainly...odd...and not so well constructed, seeing as how there were various parts, none of which really fit-in with each-other or were explored to the whole capability. However, I did really enjoy it.
    I thought the Africa parts were actually done really well, so much better than in \'Darfur\', and I can already see just what a life-changing experience it will prove for Pratt. Also, it was funny hearing the \'ER news\' from the perspective of someone who hasn\'t been following it for the last year!
    The Ruthie story-line was cute. I\'m wondering if we\'ll get a \'reminds Abby/Luka of past\' plot every single week until the baby is five! It was nice though, seeing Abby work with her. Although, thinking about serious pregnant Abby now, and what seemed like a new comedic Abby at the start of the season reminds me how much things change in 15 episodes.
    Jane is back!! Which is nice, but I would have thought rather humiliating for Sara (kind of like for Sherry!).
    That small Kerry scene was lovely, Laura really seemed to get across, well, first her fears, but then, just how much she was beaming inside. She just seemed so so happy, I couldn\'t help smiling with her. And it was odd for me, seeing Kerry without a crutch (though I\'m glad they\'re doing it realistically and still having her walk with a slight practised limp). It was also a nice follow-up on the \'how do you see me?\' conversation - nobody else seemed to notice, proving they recognise her as a doctor and not as being disabled.
    Clemente didn\'t annoy me as much as I would have given him potential. I don\'t understand why the police haven\'t acted yet...and don\'t tell me that every police officer out there is corrupt and connected . I feel sorry for the guy, he\'s hardly managing to handle things at all. Hmm...what are the chances of his body being found in 2 episodes time, I wonder?
    I don\'t really see the point of Clemenete, especially as a broken man. As a doctor, ok, he\'s someone who supposedly came in to mix up everyones\' routines, clash with Kovac, follow crazy new procedures purely to show us how saintly Luka is in comparison...Very quickly he was involved in some ridiculous drama with bad cops and drugs and shootings....I just want him to become a normalish doctor again or leave. I can\'t cope with depressed Clemente!
    Morris and Albright, well, it was obvious that was coming! It\'s quite cute too. I\'m worried about chemistry...I\'ll have to see what it seems like next time...
    Didn\'t see much point to the Sam\'s ex story-line, especially how it was supposedly all dramatic at the beginning when he turned up and there was a passive-aggressive Kovac / Steve stand-off, only I had no idea who he was supposed to be (new actor!). I guess this episode may be introducing a few small plots which will grow bigger. It\'s kind of annoying though. I want Sam to get some story-lines which don\'t involve her awkward family situation for once! What happened to the odd old man?
  • Couldn't keep my eyes off the TV!

    I never tought I'd say it, but I loved an "Africa episode". It really got your attention, and different from "Darfur" the writers knew how to mix the County and Darfur parts.

    Starting by County, and by Kerry Weaver. I was so happy to see her again, and it was a shock to actually see her without that crutch. Dr. Weaver was never Dr. Weaver without that limp! But she looked so confident and strong walking without the crutch I couldn't help feeling happy for her. Nobody noticed the difference. Not even Jerry or Chuny, who've been there forever. And that was the beauty of her only scene, she's Dr. Weaver in every way.

    Sam is so great these days (her problem was definatly Luka). You could see she didn't believe Steve was really in pain, and yet she was worried when he had bigger problems. I liked Neela worrying about him as any other patient (it showed how good a doctor she is).

    Clemente needs help and another show. I always liked him, but now he's just SO boring. The whole Jodie thing was left behind, suposably she's fine now, but no one ever saw her again! There were too many scenes of Vic's madness in this episode, which got boring.

    Abby with the little girl and her grandma was so sweet. Was twelve-year-old Abby like that girl, responsable and caring towards her bipolar mother? Or was Abby touched because she wanted to have been just like that little girl? I kind of prefer the second one. This was a case for a doctor who feels, like Abby, and not one who (almost) always thinks straight, like Luka, and it was great that they showed this.

    Luka's episodes in Africa were so blah. Carter's episodes in Africa were/are even worse (it makes me sad to see how boring Carter has become). But now they sent Pratt, who I never gave much credit for, to Darfur, and I have to admit it was great.

    Pratt was, as always, arrogant. But then he saw the situation in Darfur. Of course everybody's shocked to see that, but you could see in his eyes Pratt would never be the same again. He could feel pain in the air, and was able to show this to us, in a way neither Carter nor Luka ever did. Pratt couldn't understand half of it, why he could't treat raped women or why he had to sit down and watch while a man of the Janjaweed was tortured. I can't wait for him to understand.
  • Great episode, with lovely moments for all my favourite characters.

    This was a lovely episode, it had something for everyone, and some moments that I particularly wanted to see.
    The storyline with the girl and her grandmother was touching, beautifully acted and even funny in places. It was nice that Abby got to deal with things in her own way.
    Morris and Albright's storyline was dramatic, and funny, and, at the end, shocking! Perhaps I'm just being dense, but I did not see that coming.
    Pratt, Sam and Clemente's storylines were all fairly interesting and cool too, but the best part of the episode for me was Kerry's storyline. She only had two brief scenes, but they were so moving and effective, not to mention beautifully shot. She is a character who doesn't get enough attention, in my opinion.
    All in all, a great episode.
  • pretty good.

    Clemente is being followed...when will they get rid of this guy????

    Abby treats a grandmother and her 12 year old granddaughter and they are in a situation close to the situation with Abby and her own mother.

    Abby is getting pretty big...I always saw her having a child with Luka. I hope that Luka and her get married.
  • Clemente continues to live his life looking over his shoulder. Neela/Clemente save the life of Sam\'s ex. Pratt is revealed to the reality of the world and is left unsheltered by his playboy ways.

    The beginning of this show, i think, is the best beginning I have ever seen. It created an atmosphere that made me want to look over my shoulder. Clemente, left practically alone in ER, fears leaving as he knows his life is in danger. There is no one he can turn to and to him everyone is a suspect: even the janitor [maybe rightfully so!]. It was eerie and beautifully portrayed with a darkened hospital and an ominous amber glow filling the streets.

    I wish more of the show could be shot in this fashion and, perhaps, could have focused more on Clemente, but little did we know that Africa was just around the corner.

    I\'m cutting through the middle b/c I can\'t get Africa/Darfur out of my head. It was raw, revealing and overwhelming even though I am thousands and thousands of miles away. It made me realize that reality is shrouded in the Western world, we are a society that chooses not to see it and our governments and leaders make this choice for us by sheltering, or as they may say \"protecting,\" us from said evils.

    Is it not our duty, however, to protect those that are in danger instead of protecting ourselves in our wram comforters on our pillow-top beds at night? I don\'t want to act like I have the faintest idea of the reality that exists in areas like Darfur but at least now, b/c of ER, I have some idea and a realization, just as Pratt experienced, that life is not as it seems and we can no longer be blinded.

    The significance of the title, No Place to Hide, is apparent, Clemente, Pratt, Sam\'s ex, they all have no place to hide and no one to protect them instead they must be the protectors.
  • Wow, this episode had it all.

    Probably the best episode so far, other than the Christmas episode. First off, Clemente is in fear of his life and no one at the hospital really wants to have anything to do with him and his care of the patients is suffering. Second, Sams ex comes in with stomach pains and everyone thinks he is faking until he almost dies. Third, it is about time Morris grew some. I thought how he showed up Albright was awesome and then what happened next between them was unexpected. Fourth, I thought Abby did a nice thing for the little girl and her grandmother. Last but not least, Darfur. Pratt gets a dose of what the people over there get everyday and just maybe he will outgrow his cockyness. But I have to say, I was a little shocked when they showed the bad guy getting beat & killed.
  • Glad its finally back!

    Great episode.I think it's time for Clemente to hide somewhere.If Jodie's not calling back maybe Bobby got to her.And how great is it that Kerry doesn't need her cane anymore?She's one of my favorites.Yay,Carter was on again.I think what he's doing is great,but Darfur seems to get more and more dangerous every time they go there.Even if your there to help them the Bandits don't seem to care as long as they can rob you.I can't wait for Abby to have her baby.I don't like her,but being pregnant has changed her.The next three episodes should be exciting,but didn't Carter enforce better security the last time someone brought a gun into the ER?
  • Pratt goes to africa and sees how truly terrorifing it is there and vic is scared for his life and is being harrassed by jodis estranged husband

    WOW this episode was amazing Pratt went to africa and he sees how bad it really is there but when that guy is being beaten by all those guys and then his head gets smashed in with a rock OMG nasty. then on the way to the camp thier ride gets vadalized by a bunch of men on horses. and whats the deal with vic? i mean the guy is on edge and i guess i would be to if i had some freaky guy sending me dead gold fish and symathy cards that is really screwed up so i guess he kinda has the right to be freaked out
  • Allbright and Morris clash over the state of a patient while Abby treats an Alzheimer paitient, while Pratt gets ready to go Africa.

    Vic is still being chased by Jody’s ex-boyfriend. He treats an inmate named Mr. Curtis who may or may not be faking his illness.

    Morris and Dr.Allbright feud with each other over a patient but Morris ends up getting the upperhand. Lockhart treats a little girl Ruthie and her Grandmother with Alzheimers.

    Overall another well acted episode. Vic is paranoid for good reason as Jody’s ex means business. It’s good to see Morris get some respect in this episode, they make him to be clown too much sometimes. John Leguizamo character is also starting to gain more depth, initially I thought they would make him to be the druggie we saw in past episode but they are trying to move past that.
  • Great Show!

    I've always liked the way real issues that are often being overlooked show up in the spotlight on ER.Tonights show was a perfect example.Of course the Darfor storyline is great and will hopefully stir some much needed reaction.The stories going on in the Er were just as important!We need to find ways to help loving families stay together!