Season 5 Episode 11

Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 1999 on NBC

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  • I am sad they solved Amanda Lee storyline so quickly.

    Yes.. her storyline sounded really promising and some variety and I was sure they would keep it longer as it was the last episode what really showed us how much there is wrong with her. But no - it was solved and with no great causalities. Even the patience who had the phobia got better. We had some more character development. Carter seems to.. mm.. act weird or.. If he does not care about Lucy at all why does he bothers him to help her and tried to get that other surgical intern he used to work with off her. And the way he answered to Roxanne when he asked him to come with her.. it does not sounded quite good.

    Also we learned that there is much interesting about past in Weaver and now when Amanda is gone, maybe we will get more Weaver as I hope they will give the position for her - they at least know who she is.
  • I knew Amanda wasn't quite right but wow what a record!

    Amanda Lee didn't have me fooled but I never thought she would turn out to be such a pro. She was a bit of a freaky character but I really admire all that she had achieved before she got caught out.

    Police officer Reggie Moore asks Jeanie out. I think they looked really good together and Jeanie needs some happiness in her life, she has had it tough.

    Dr Greene is contacted by NASA as a potential astronaut candidate. This would be a great experience but if accepted it would mean that he would leave the ER and I would hate to see him go.