Season 12 Episode 2

Nobody's Baby

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on NBC

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  • Human side of Ray

    New interns, new people around and Morris - oh, he turns it into hell. No Susan, no Carter - almost no familiar face. It's so weird...

    Anyway, I really liked this episode as it showed the human side of Ray - he has been that kind of hard to get guy and really somehow distant, but this episode broke that barrier. That was good.

    And Luka and Abby - that conversation they had - that it was not Abby's fault that the broke up - it was funny :D And Neela and Abby with those so "great" looking women... they had fun, I hope
  • A surrogate mother comes into the ER and when complications mean that the baby may have brain damage the parents do not want anything to do with the baby as it is less than perfect

    This episode made me cry at the end with the baby! It was so sad that people could actually just leave a baby just because it might not have been perfect. It made you cry when Ray said that he was going to stay with the baby. You have to feel sorry for both the baby and the mother as the surrogate mother won't have the baby because it isn't hers and the baby's mother wants the baby but her husband doesn't want a baby that is less than perfect. It is a real tearjerker. I really loved the episode though.
  • It must be very hard to be a doctor sometimes.

    Wow a excellent episode with the 'new' cast of ER.
    Shane West did a great job in this episode and I hope that there will be more like it.
    It was so sad that the biological parents didn't want the baby in the end.

    I love how Neela and Abby treat the 'bitch' at the train station then end up having to treat her in the hospital. Excellent funny stuff!
  • wow

    writing this review a while after I last saw this episode, but thewhole thing seems pretty fresh in my mind, I have heard people berate the Drs for how they approached , this woman, she held a babies life in her hands.. and her choice left it as the title says nobodies baby..
  • So, I found such a lot to say about the episode at the forum that I decided I may as well do a small but of editing and post my thoughts in review form, for everyone to read.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The first few moments really showed us what the episode would be about. Before the starting credits even rolled, we had painful relationship trauma in the guise of Luka and Sam splitting-up, we had gentle humour and friendship involving Abby and Neela. All that was left then, was the medicine, to which we were offered lots in the next 45-minutes.

    I have made a list of points that occurr to me when thinking back to the episode, and this is what my following review will consist of. So read on, to gage my full thoughts.

    1. The women on the train were hilarious. When Abby was first running I thought it was a little exaggerated, but as soon as the woman fell I just loved it to bits. I thought it was a great comic start, and I enjoyed the continuation into the episode. (How many times have we had something like this now? They’re quite fun. Reminded me of the time Weaver’s mugger came in to the ER).

    2. I personally thought that Ray was an absolute jerk this episode. I believe that no matter what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, what a doctor’s morality or emotions say, they have NO right to pressurise a woman while she’s having such a hard time. It was the woman’s body and the woman’s choice. For all we know he could have stressed her and made everything worse. No matter how touching or upsetting the scene at the end was, with Ray looking out for the baby, that just doesn’t excuse his earlier behaviour IMO.
    Regarding the ‘parents’, I think it’s just cruel and inhumane for them to leave the hospital. How dare they! I was especially angry at the father to be honest (he seemed to be influencing his wife a bit, I saw something in her that wanted to stay). I liked Ray's comment that they could still call him David.

    3. I liked Abby in the episode, and I really do have different opinions on her at different times. I think this season will be a positive one for her, and me. However, I am going to be very vain now and tell you all that I picked up the vegetarian/ intense meat reaction diagnosis before she did!!! Hahaha *does dance*

    4. Where’s Kerry? I want her already.

    5. Luka’s growing on me (from last episode). He was sweet with Alex, especially when he put his own Playstation controller in the box.

    6. A nice story-line for Pratt, hopefully it shall continue. The family seem like they’re all good actors, so there’s much potential there.

    7. Old Alex was so much better. Not a little pathetic wimp!

    8. Didn’t even notice Susan was gone. Despite the fact I joyously pointed out Luka’s top billing to my step-mum.

    9. I like Clemons and I enjoyed the three sets of advice she received – kind of a follow-up to last week’s 3 different styles.

    All in all, such a great episode. I liked it far more so than last week, and it seems so very promising for the season to come. It seemed like a whole new style, someone mentioned the ER even seemed lighter and I can’t agree more, even the very atmosphere. I know we get drama in the ER and sadness and depression, but it had quite an uplifting nature this week (despite baby story-line). I think what I mean to say is that it’s lost it’s dreary slow attitude and seems fast-paced, characterised and full of fresh new energy and life.

    Small notes:

    1. Morris, the wizard we learn, referred to the three R2s as lacking brains, heart and courage. Surely in the following order - Ray, Neela, Abby? Abby is supposed to be the one with a big heart and Neela with a big brain so that means that Neela must be the one lacking courage.
  • A great episode!! Ray treats a pregnant serogant mother, who does not want a c-section, but is damamging the baby by giving natural birth, th real parents decide not to take the baby (that is all i remember)!!

    I loved this episode, it was well written, acted produced, directed, the whole thing was great!! It is always fun to see one of the cast members direct, and i think Laura Innes did a great job with it. I also like when they add humor to a drama, and that is just what they did in this episode. There some very touching storylines that just made you feel good that there is a show that can bring that to you. The acting was very good, i give props to Shane West. There were a lot of extremely good episode this season, but this remains my favorite!!
  • One great storyline pulls up two bad ones.

    This episode was really not one of the best. Save for one excellent storyline it was in fact bottom of the barrel.

    First off there was Pratt. I honestly don't care too much about his missing family, and the whole storyline just ended up being tacky. Pratt sees father, father wants to get to know Pratt, platitudes are exchanged, Pratt is stubborn, someone tells him about their similar experience and Pratt opens his eyes. This is about as unoriginal as it can get and I hope we won't have to see much more of it.

    And speaking of things I want to see less of... Yet again it's the Abby Lockhart Show. Abby is suddenly the best teacher ever, simply because she forgot to teach last episode. Not only that but she pins a rare diagnosis just because she's just so great. Personally I think she wears a cape and fights crime when she's not on duty. And her always so witty remarks are driving me crazy. It was really the pot calling the kettle black when she called the woman with the broken ankle a bitch.

    The good storyline in this otherwise crappy episode was Ray's story with the baby and the surrogate mother. I really like the character of Ray, he feels genuine in a way most other characters on the show don't. His attitude is a bit off, but other than that he was wonderful to watch. I especially loved the scene at the end with him sitting by the baby's side. I hope we get to find out what happens to the baby!

    I'm hoping for a better episode next week, preferrably an episode of ER and not the Abby Lockhart Show.
  • an example of a new life for the er cast

    in this episode the director and writers star to change the focus of the storie line since the last originally member left the show. They have to focus on new plots and advenmtures for the cast since is almost all new. The acting of danny glober is superb and has a good felling and weight on the show
  • A very good example of how this show used to be.

    One of the best episodes in a while and a nice reminder that ER still kicks ass when it comes to great drama. Shane West showed his sensitive side for once but bring Kerry back to the ER. We haven't seen her in 5 episodes. The absence of Susan isn't really felt showing storylines are what matter and not the characters.
  • Some fun controversial issues, and a bit of good development.

    I admit that I havn't seen much ER. I'm currently trying to watch the second season, and I have seen some episodes from the nineth and tenth. What that means is that I basically have a fresh viewpoint on ER. I really enjoyed this episode. The issue with surrogate parents is very heated right now in courts. Currently, the person actually carrying the child has all of the rights. While I felt that this issue was handled pretty well, I thought the reasoning behind the surrogate mom's decision not to have surgery was weak. It seemed like an excuse to bring up the issue. Ray's reaction is what made the epsiode. It is clearly a moment of growing up for him, and his care for the child was touching. The storyline with Pratt was okay, although utterly predictable. Next week looks like it is going to be fun!
  • Choices affect the staff

    We ar intruduced to the new batch of interns. One feels sorry for them as they get definative yet contratictory information for the staff. Ray is as condicending as ever but turns out to be human after all. Abby's missing her beau but might be a great doctor after all.
  • I like it!!

    I was very pleased with this episode. The opening was helarious. That girl totally deserved to be called a bleep. Then the little boy calling Abby a Milf then a Dilf because she is a doctor, was a nice needed laugh to a reather depressing episode with the baby and all. And can I just say that Shane West as Ray has made me not miss Dr. Carter presence this season. Next week looks good too. Now if they could only find Abby a man for good. Her and Luka seemed to be getting chummy again.
  • End of the road

    Trust me on this one, I\'ve seen every episode of the show, I\'m a die hard fan, but the show needs to end! 12 years is a good run, and honestly, it stopped being good about 3 years ago. With Noah, Sherry, Eriq, and Anthony Edwards gone, the show really needs to end. They\'ve exhausted every storyling, and the show just isn\'t exciting anymore. I don\'t enjoy watching it anymore. I know there are others out there that agree with me!
  • This episode was above average. As always, ER has it's high's and low's, but this one was pretty good compared to last week's season premire!

    I got a chuckle from the beginning regarding the ''broken'' ankle. How Abby called her a bitch. Well, she was being a bitch! She was looking down at Neela and Abby and doubting whether they were even doctors or not. Even if they hadn't been dr.'s, wouldn't it have been nice if she could've seen just the basic, common courtesy and basic human compassion that they were showing her by attending to her injury? Wow! I just can't believe someone could act like that, let alone the mouthy attitude with it!

    I found the story about the pregnant, serrogate mother a little old. Hasn't this story line been covered before? Not just on this show, but others, too? The biological parents say one thing, the mother another. Why can't anybody ever agree, especially when they're talking about the life/death/health of an unborn child?!

    Abby's story was good, but I didn't get a chance to see the final outcome. Did the boy die??? Abby, in the past few years, has come a long ways. She was always going through some tough times with her mom and brother. That got old, fast! And her and Luka. Yawn! Now that she's a resident, I feel the writers have promoted her role in a better way. She's always been a great actress, just her story lines weren't always that great. I see some great story lines for her in the future.

    I really missed seeing Weaver! I've grown to hate/respect her - I know, strange. She's yet another great actress (and producer) so I respect her. But I hate her like I used to hate Romano. That's because they're acting their roles so darn good! To be so believablely mean and spiteful in their roles, you just loved to hate them.

    All in all, pretty good!

    Trying hard not to miss Carter. We (somehow) got over losing Green, Benton and my favorite, Ross!!!!!!!!!!!! (Georgy - yum-o!) I heard somewhere that he agreed to make 8 more appearances in the next 2 seasons.... anybody else hear that????? Be curious to see how his wifey is and baby...?
  • Most exciting episode in a while

    This episode had some great storylines, but they possibly could have been told better. I feel bad for Luka at the beginning of the episode because it seems like he's always losing what means most to him. This had another one in a long line of ethical dilemmas in ER history. I think the parents were totally wrong to not want the baby if it was brain damaged. What he needs is parents to give him a chance, not reject him. I'm not totally familiar with the law, but I think the surrogate mother should have agreed to the C-section. Shane West's performance was great, it was his biggest role so far.
  • Carter is gone, it's true. But boo hoo ... this is something we ALL should have gotten over LAST SEASON, dammit!

    Oh man what a great episode!

    Okay ppl, wow ... now listen to me very carefully.

    Carter is gone, it's true. But boo hoo ... this is something we ALL should have gotten over LAST SEASON, dammit!

    As of the first week ER is now #19 in the ratings! Two spots lower and it won't even APPEAR in the Top 20! This is beyond an outrage ... ER is in its 12th season, dammit.

    WTF aren't ppl watching? Just cause Carter's gone? So far this season's been great. It really makes me SICK. Start watching it, ppl! Don't let ER fall into obscurity and drop like a rock in the ratings. A show with such history deserves better.

    I demand you treat it better.
  • Neela: Dr. Lockhart, would you care to give a 2nd opinion. Abby: I think you may have a broken ankle... and you are a bitch

    Neela: Are they talking about us?


    Abby: Just ignore them, they're on a bulemia high

    bitchy woman twists her ankle on her high heel fashion shoes...

    Neela bends over to help assess her ankle

    bitch: uhhh... don\'t... touch me

    Neela: try not to move, I\'m a doctor. you may have broken your ankle.

    bitch: if you\'re a doctor, I want a second opinion

    Neela: OK. Dr. Lockhart, would you care to give a 2nd opinion.

    Abby: Sure. your ankle may be broken and you are... a bitch