Season 10 Episode 1

Now What?

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2003 on NBC

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  • Carter and Abby experienced an even more strained relationship, a med student arrives, and a phone call says that Luka is dead. Among this is the rennovations of the ER and the chaos of trauma one life.

    This season premiere picks up well after last season's season finale entitled "Kisangani," an episode named after the tribal village in the Congo where the episode was set in. Where "Kisangani" leaves off with Carter and Luka in Africa working with Doctors Without Borders, "Now What?" picks up with Carter's less-than-joyful return to Chicago. Upon his arrival in Abby's apartment, she asks for her key back and kicks him out promptly without any regards to his feelings. In fact, Abby is extremely self-centered this episode when it comes to her relationship with Carter: she seems to only care about how she'll feel if he leaves for Africa to do the noble deed of bringing Luka's body home after receiving a phone call that tells the staff of County General that he had died.

    This episode also features the arrival of med student Neela Rasgotra (a name that prompts Frank to insensitively say "Don't hey hire Americans around here anymore?"). She faces a tough first day when Pratt begins to flirt with her (much to the dismay of Jing-Mei Chen). This seems to cause Chen to harshly come down upon Neela for reasons that the student couldn't seem to comprehend.

    We also have various other mini storylines that don't seem to be of much importance to this episode's plot. The ER is undergoing rennovations which means that there's plenty of opportunity for humor through downed phone lines, flickering computers, and falling panes of glass.

    Overall, this episode was a good way to kick off the tenth season of ER.
  • Bad news...

    Oh, when at the end of last season it looked so sweet how it ended, then now - it was rather... Abby is mad about Carter and quite brakes up with him for what? She is mad that he left and went to Africa and does not understand nothing what Carter comes back and says - she looks somehow so narrow minded and.. disturbing.

    Whatever have happened with Pratt as he tries to hit on everyone - on the L, then to new medstudent Neela - who also oh.. makes quite a mistakes and Deb becomes enemy as she just cannot get Pratt away from her.

    And then, to make even worse - the phone rings and Neela, not knowing nothing, learns that someone named Kovac is dead and Carter rushes away, again...
  • Neela arrives for her first day in the ER.

    Neela arrives for her first day in the ER. There is chaos all around as the construction is a disaster. Computers going down, phones re-routed and ringing like crazy... so Neela answers it. It\'s for Carter, Frank tells her to take a message. However, the caller insists it is important. Finally, Neela says to those gathered that someone died, a Dr. Kovac. Neela is helping an elderly lady who she is to monitor every 15 minutes. Malik moves the patient to another room. Neela fails to check the board and thinks the patient has moved upstairs. The elderly lady dies and Neela feels responsible. Pratt, however, takes her to see an earlier patient that Neela helped diagnose with a blood disorder. Pratt makes the point to Neela about saving her, which helps Neela deal with the other patient\'s death.
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