Season 4 Episode 9

Obstruction of Justice

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 1997 on NBC

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  • My opinion that this isn't a fill episode doesn't impact on the fact that it was a strong episode. I merely recognise that many of the episode's plots where conveniently arranged to start or end season story-lines.

    I quite enjoyed this episode overall and it had many individual story-lines combining to make a good episode. The actual Carter part, after which the episode was named, bared very minimum significance, it was merely a small episode ploy to get Carter and Anna closer together again. I liked the other story-lines much better than this one, although I didn't mind this one at all.

    I felt very sorry for Kerry this episode. She's effectively the hospital's sacrifice, or her authority at least, for an innocent firing. I've always liked both Kerry and Jeannie, and while I'm happy that we will continue to see Jeannie I do recognise that the whole business has turned out terribly for Kerry, who is being forced to pay professionally and lose a friend at the same time. It's also clear that she's being used by the Synergex doctor...

    I enjoyed Mark Greene's lawyer in this episode, he was quite a friendly episode guest. You could see Mark was under a lot of pressure, but it all seemed to turn out ok.

    The surgery in this episode didn't really seem to fit-in with the general action. Normally what goes on in the OR seems connected back down to the ER, but even the scenes didn't seem to merge that well.

    I wonder how the new rift between Cynthia and Carol will play out. Carol can't have that much reason to dislike the girl, she definitely holds a hard grudge - although she may not have been the best candidate for the job, she seems competent with it now and hasn't yet done anything but help Mark come back to the world of the living a bit.

    It's sad seeing Jeannie and Al part, mostly because I don't see the need. While I respect Jeannie's decision to fight and get her job back, she was fairly sacked and if she has a chance of a good job elsewhere, and to remain with her loved one, I don't see why she seems to seek a separation. I guess the HIV issue might make things more complicated though...But still, she and Al are only recently back together and they both seem to have loved every moment of it.
  • Carter gets arrested. Who would have thought that?

    Yes, Carter is on spotlight trying to help a patience who everyone else (the police) thinks attacked another officer. Carter is doing everything to help the lady and ends up by arrested for obstruction of justice. That storyline was super. And how Anna reacted for it.. thinking about their relationship lately.

    And Cordey - she is in her ambitious conquer the world mood trying to risk a patience life for dangerous operation. And she almost works it out but in the end - they still have to ambulate the leg and she ends up in comma. A crash that brings Cordey back for the ground, I hope. But I just adore that character and the way she is in the story. Jeanie gets some limelight and this is hard for her - but she won't stop until she gets her job back and she leaves Weaver and Anspaugh is position where they have no other way. She shows that she is strong and can fight... but that doesn't mean the win is the best... Al leaves without her as he got job in Atlanta..
  • I am a big fan of Carol and Doug but Cynthia is so annoying!

    I am a big fan of Doug and Carol and I loved their reunion in this episode.

    Cynthia is a very annoying character and while it is good for Mark that they are together they just don't suit each other at all.

    Benton, Corday and Romano are the best surgens that have ever been on ER (including years following). Great characters and storylines to match.