Season 4 Episode 20

Of Past Regret and Future Fear

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 1998 on NBC

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  • Busy day but nothing too special

    A exciting episode, full of action and interesting, diverse cases. The most moving one is definitely Carol's - she is staying with a man of chemical accident and he is dieing. He wants to see her daughter but the mother refuses. That brings back old memories to Carol.

    Elizabeth has to make hard decision and lies when Romano makes a move towards her but she is now involved with Benton. He is not taking that without complications too as his family seems to have problem with color.

    Ok.. Carter has a quite interesting case what shows well that communication can be take different way. And he makes up with her grandmother too. Even if she wants him not to be a doctor. Some more about Carter past too.

    Much action, little depth..
  • underappreciated

    For some reason this episode never gets the credit it deserves, it should be considered one of the best ever. It is very sad to see Mr Canterna dying and realizing that he has made mistakes with his life. I wonder what would have happened if his ex-wife would have brought in his daughter in to see him. Maybe it was better for her that she didn\'t see her dad. It was very tough for Carol because of her experience with her dad. I love the way that storyline was done, it was very sad. The rest of the episod was good also with the guy with cerebral palsy hit by a car and the introduction to the baby addicted to heroin.
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