Season 4 Episode 20

Of Past Regret and Future Fear

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Carol takes the paramedic's call, she states that Mr. Canterna is 29, but when the paramedics bring him in, they say that he's 31.

  • Quotes

    • Carol: After my father was gone, my mom used to go on and on about how you can never depend on men. Now she's head over heels and I'm the one holding back. How messed up is that?
      Doug: It keeps me on my toes.
      Carol: I say I want time but the truth is I'm scared to death of losing you.
      Doug: Well, don't be.
      Carol: I'm so sorry, Doug.
      Doug: Don't be.
      Carol: I love you.
      Doug: I love you, too.

    • Benton: (talking about Carla's boyfriend) He gets to spend all his time with Reece. How do I compete with that?
      Corday: You're his father, Peter. You don't have to compete.
      Benton: Then I thought I'd come and see you, but you had that lunch thing.
      Corday: Are you jealous? (he smiles) Well, you know, your instincts were right. Romano propositioned me.
      Benton: Are you serious? What did you say?
      Corday: I lied. I said I don't date colleagues. It's cowardly of me, I know.
      Benton: That's okay. I lied today, too.
      Corday: What, about me? (he nods) So much for a relationship without complications.

    • Romano: What kind of salad dressings do you have.
      Waitress: Cesar, ranch, Italian, low cal italian, blue cheese, honey mustard, oil and vinegar and poppy seed vinaigrette.
      Romano: I'll have the soup.

    • Doug: I told you, deep down, your mother likes me.
      Carol: Keep dreaming.

    • Carol: (reading from Mr. Canterna's letter) Dear Molly. You don't know me. I'm your father. I suppose I shouldn't even call myself that. You're the best thing I've done with my life. Leaving you was the worst. God knows I haven't done much for you while I was alive, but if there's a place called Heaven and they let me in, I promise to always look over you. Please forgive me. I'm sorry I never got to know you.

    • Chuny: Anna, are you the one who had the voodoo patient last week?
      Anny: Yeah. Is she back?
      Chuny: Yeah, exam 3. Chief complaint, "voodoo man has taken over my body."
      Anna: Wait a minute. This isn't the same one. My voodoo patient was 60-something.
      Carter: I had a voodoo patient last week.
      Chuny: Oh, no! Voodoo epidemic!

  • Notes

    • A real disabled actor with dystonia but called cp was used , Neil Marcus, who was picked by Anthony Edwards, who premiered as a director in this episode.

    • Though spelled correctly when he is listed as the series creator in the opening credits, Michael Crichton's last name is incorrectly spelled "Chrichton" when he is listed with the other executive producers in the end credits of this episode. This mistake was repeated in most of the Season 4 episodes and in all of the Season 6 episodes.

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