Season 14 Episode 3

Officer Down

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • Cops down..

    Oh, this was weird episode. First their new boss of ER was not there and they were back on doing things the way they like and it was just one very crazy day with all kind of things going around - patients crashing and then waking up and then stable patients really crashing. A big mess.

    It also had some emotional side as Morris got some more char development and bad news.

    The new med student who has been year late, is nervous around Abby and later calls her out. Not very good storyline.

    What I did like was Neela and Joe.. the way those two.. and then Dubenko... it was very sweet of him to come and visit her
  • Good show.

    Sweetest scene: Joe spits food at Neela. - This is a nice little reminder of that lovely scene in "Tell me no secrets" (s13-10), when Luka is feeding Joe and tells him that "girls don't like it if you wear your food"! - Later Dubenko comes over for a visit and Joe takes his first step! Best scene: "The pre-meltdown scene". Abby is feeding cranky Joe, the babysitter can't come and Abby is freaking out, angry at Luka because he has left her alone. I so sympathize with her! Shame on you, Luka, for leaving her alone for so long! Luckily, Neela volunteers to babysit. Most awkward scene: Poor Grady is nervous around Abby, and at the end of the day he has plucked up enough courage to ask her out, but she tells him that she's married and sends him home.

    Saddest scene: Morris is cranky all day and the reason turns out to be that his father has just passed away. At the end of the day he tells Abby all about it and she conforts him.

    Good point: Pratt & Bettina talks about "faking" and he says "I'm not a mind reader". Good on you, Pratt, for acknowledging the right to say how you want to be trated and not to be taken for granted! This is an important principle, not only in the context implied in this scene, but in all human coexistence. We also find out that Jerry has moved to Alaska to become a bar owner. (In real life the actor moved on to "Men in trees" and the role as a bar owner in Alaska!)
  • another ordinary day at County, great performance by Scott Grimes

    yes, another ordinary day at the ER, but i kind of liked this episode better than last week´s, i have to say that it was refreshing to see Dr. Morris in a different storyline, i loved his perfomance in the whole episode specially in the last scene he has with Abby
    the whole neela and dubenko scenes were funny but a little boring i think
    also they need to improve in the ICU kid storyline so that it doesn´t become boring too, i liked the pratt and bettine situation, i also liked Dr. Grady´s perfomance specially with his scenes with Abby i think it was really funny when she told him she was married
  • Neela heals and the er is in chaos.

    Anoth reason why this is my favorite show, this episode showed the Human side of Moris who struglles to get through the busiest shift without the chief around after learning that his father has passed away. Gates proves that he should be back in the ER with a diagnosis that others overlooked. We find Neela back from the hospital baby sitting for Abby while she recovers her almost fatal protest encounter. And then Gates family side shows again here when Sarah returns to his doorstep, he does the family thing in the end and tells her if she wants to live with him, she can't keep running away. How about abby and another crush this time an intern....kep it up this was the best of the 3 episodes so far.
  • Here's why I still watch...

    The Neela and Gates center storyline turned me off of much of last season. I fast forwarded through as much as I could. This may be part of the reason why I really enjoyed last night's episode. As per usual, I fast forwarded through Neela and Gates but, surprisingly, I liked watching Pratt and his girlfriend deal with "faking" it and Abby be the center of yet another crush. The latter was only acceptable because I like the new character addition to the staff. He reminds me of early Luka when Luka had a crush on Carol Hathaway but she was pretty much attached to Doug. Great recycling! The growing romance between the nurse and the cop...great...probably because the actor is so attractive. I was never a fan of her story either and didn't exactly gain respect for her when she shunted her kid off to boarding school. Anyway, her new beau has me warming up. The patient cases were also pretty hectic, exciting, heart-breaking.
    All in all, great episode.
  • They can do better than this.

    I don't know about you, but I'm not particularily impressed with this season so far. What was a promising end-of-season cliffhanger turned out to be more or less a dud, and compared to previous seasons this one just isn't keeping me desperately interested.

    Luka's gone, and all the talk about him being gone for a long time is making me think he might not return at all. That'd be drama. A Neela/Lucien love story is, to me, unbelievable and I don't like that plotline. I see him as a father to her, despite his childish and immature behaviour.

    I don't know if I'm expecting too much out of a fourteenth season, but I need more than this to keep me interested for much longer.
  • Neela on the mend, Morris on edge, Gates is redeeming, Abby struggling and Pratt? Well....

    Of the three episodes we have seen thus far in this 14th season, this is my favorite. The patient stories were superb and nicely done. I liked seeing Dharma's mother in the role of the volunteer police corp's director. The 'anti-makeup' job on her was a little distracting however. The show continues with the build up of staff comraderie in the work place and in this episode, interjects considerable tension and the anonimosity that it can cause. Morris was short tempered and impatient throughout, which was out of character for him. (Reminiscent of a superb performance from him in last year's episode with the multiple personality guy actually) Nice to see him finally realize he wasn't his best and hand off a procedure to Abby. It was a hoot watching Neela deal with a constantly crying Joe throughout the day. A little disconcertening to see Dubenko wanting to spend so much time with her and yet unable to formulate his feelings. Those glasses gave him a real 'deer in the headlights' kind of look when he was trying so very hard to do it. Heh. Gates continues to redeem himself. Glad to see Sarah again, although I am not sure she is going to be as welcome an addition as she was last season. Listen up writers...we do not need another angsty teen chewing up screen time. Gates has been just fine with his patient of the moment. Pratt got an interesting comupance. Hee. Certainly gave his bombastic self esteem a kick in the rear....and we had to hear about it throughout the episode. I like his relationship with Betina alot...but not that much. And now back to Morris. Scott Grimes did some Emmy worthy work tonight. His show ending diatribe about the history of the Morris family and the death of his dad brought every thread of his character into a nice neat bow. We now know why he has tried so hard...and screwed up so royally at times. If I wasn't already a Morris fan (for his comedic interjections) I most certainly am now. I am definitely rooting for some happiness for this guy. And as for the reason I watch this how...Abby. Great to see the baby. Great to see that Abby isn't so cooly accepting this absence from Luka. The threads are beginning to unravel for her. Maura Tierney is going to rock in the next episode it seems. Bring it on!