Season 15 Episode 6

Oh, Brother

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on NBC

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  • Been there, done that. Nothing really happened.

    I am beginning to think that Angela Bassett has just one 'acting face.' The woman never changes. Even when she is supposed to be showing cracks in her character's veneer, she isn't able to. Not one patient story stood out. Only one recurring character took the episode. Crumudgeony Frank....again. Troy Evans can take those tiny little moments and make me fall in love with Frank every time. It was his interactions with Pratt that helped me get through an original dislike of that cocky doctor. I hope he is able to do the same with Bassett. I really, really do want to be able to hang on and watch the entire last season. PLEASE writers....stop stuffing Stamos down our throats. His inability to see Daria's blossoming crush was plain stupid....and so was the actress doing it. This is internship people. NOT high school. For once the blonde intern was more interesting to watch and SHE had so little screen time this time around.
  • Quite a low episode

    I do not know.. maybe they had better plans, maybe it just did not worked out but this episode was really.. mm.. it had such a caps in storylines and we got some points in the first glance and did not need all the episode to make us realize it.

    Best part was Morris and Chad and the whole thing of Pratt hunting it all over and over again. The way Morris was just doing the same mistake over and over and noone said.. it was cruel.. but the end.. when they went out together.. and Morris got what he did.. it was well written.

    So, we have some weird action and drama going on Banfield side and to be honest, I am not getting that char. She just is so closed and I cannot get her motives. She just goes around and seems so angry with everyone without reason.. mostly.

    The whole storyline with Neela.. pointless.. Sam, Gates and.. oh.. what's the med student name is.. the triangle.. and tension. It was weird in best.
  • Fairly Average.

    This episode was nothing like last week's at all. There wasn't anything very interesting that happened.

    The only interesting thing was Banfield and the state of her marriage. What happened to cause the tension that is between her and her husband? Why is she so fixated on work and not wanting to deal with the family members that were coming for a visit.

    I have a bad feeling about Sam and Gates moving in together, something is going to happen to cause drama between them. Daria's crush on Gates is starting to get really old, really fast. He is an idiot for not noticing the fact that she likes him and I hope it ends soon.

    You could tell Neela lied to Brenner when she told him that she and Ray were only friends, she wouldn't even look him in the eye when she said it. The only reason she was acting so friendly towards him at the end was because she was drunk. I think the only reason she even went to Ike's was to do what Ray had told her during their conversation in Parental Guidance, that Life Isn't County! Parminder Nagra and David Lyons still don't have an ounce of chemistry but this storyline won't be so bad if they keep Brenner and Neela as only friends and not lovers.
  • Another good episode!

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. Pratt's brother, Chas becomes a 1st year intern and begins his first day at County. Throughout the episode Morris seems to be treating Chas differently to the rest of the interns. This does not go unnoticed and Morris is told to stop doing it. When Sam's pipes in her apartment burst, she needs a place to stay for 2 nights. Tony asks her if she wants to move in with him and Sarah and she basically laughs in his face. This hurts him and she says no to moving in right now. The reason behind it is that neither Sarah nor Alex knows they are seeing each other. In the end Tony talks everybody into it. When the Chief of the ER's in laws come for a visit, she is stressed out about preparing a meal for them. Luckily Frank helps her out he gives her all of the ingredients and the recipe, and they both swear to never mention it again.