Season 15 Episode 6

Oh, Brother

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on NBC

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  • Quite a low episode

    I do not know.. maybe they had better plans, maybe it just did not worked out but this episode was really.. mm.. it had such a caps in storylines and we got some points in the first glance and did not need all the episode to make us realize it.

    Best part was Morris and Chad and the whole thing of Pratt hunting it all over and over again. The way Morris was just doing the same mistake over and over and noone said.. it was cruel.. but the end.. when they went out together.. and Morris got what he did.. it was well written.

    So, we have some weird action and drama going on Banfield side and to be honest, I am not getting that char. She just is so closed and I cannot get her motives. She just goes around and seems so angry with everyone without reason.. mostly.

    The whole storyline with Neela.. pointless.. Sam, Gates and.. oh.. what's the med student name is.. the triangle.. and tension. It was weird in best.