Season 15 Episode 6

Oh, Brother

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on NBC

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  • Another good episode!

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. Pratt's brother, Chas becomes a 1st year intern and begins his first day at County. Throughout the episode Morris seems to be treating Chas differently to the rest of the interns. This does not go unnoticed and Morris is told to stop doing it. When Sam's pipes in her apartment burst, she needs a place to stay for 2 nights. Tony asks her if she wants to move in with him and Sarah and she basically laughs in his face. This hurts him and she says no to moving in right now. The reason behind it is that neither Sarah nor Alex knows they are seeing each other. In the end Tony talks everybody into it. When the Chief of the ER's in laws come for a visit, she is stressed out about preparing a meal for them. Luckily Frank helps her out he gives her all of the ingredients and the recipe, and they both swear to never mention it again.
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