Season 15 Episode 19

Old Times

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • A big reunion, a gift to longtime fans

    Indeed "very special." After nearly a decade's absence from the show, some old time favorites return in Clooney, Margulies and La Salle. One could have been worried in advance that their appearances would either feel contrived or that some of them would only have an inconsequential cameo - Clooney being the most likely, seeing that he is now Academy Award winner George Clooney and one of Hollywood's best-paid stars. Would he even have the time to shoot material for an actual story?

    Turns out, he did. And so did the others. And while, let's face it, the scenes we got felt like scenes we had seen before, it was just plain great to be reminded of ER's glory days and the two central stories played out sincere, moving and natural. All of these characters, including Carter, add a lot of class to these final episodes of the series and act as a kind of validation that ER indeed had to stay on the air for this long. How else would we have gotten an opportunity to see the ever-angsty Doug & Carol now in a place where they work as a well-oiled machine both in their relationship and professionally? How else would we have come to a story in which Peter Benton can finally drop his "bow to your superior master" routine with Carter and treat him like the friend he is, if not years after their collaboration and at that friend's hospital bed?

    It speaks of an episode's quality when such illustrous guest stars like Susan Sarandon and Ernest Borgnine (both with amazing performances) only get mentioned this far into a review. They're simply throwing everything into these last episodes. You can feel the writers' love for this show now more than in the last four years or so.

    Now on to the final three episodes. Let's hope they keep making each of them as memorable as this one.
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