Season 15 Episode 19

Old Times

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Carol and Doug return... kinda

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. We open this episode, with a woman bringing a baby into the ER which she found abandoned near her apartment. The team work on the baby boy and the woman who brought him in vanishes. Carter gets told that a kidney may have been found for him. Then as if by magic we see Doug and Carol, as they organise who shall get a 16 year olds organs. Neela and Sam are one of the hospital teams there to collect organs. The holdup is that Billy's grandmother, felt him squeeze her hand and so now believes that he is in a coma and will come out of it, even though all the tests should that he is brain dead. There is an amazing met up between Neela, Sam and Doug and when they compare notes on who is in the ER now, it's amazing to see that so many people have come and gone. But they mention Abby to him and you'd think he would know that name as she helped to deliver his twin girls with Carol. Another old face comes back in the form of Bennett, who goes to visit Carer. Finally the organs are donated, but then when Neela and Sam go to their plane to get back to Chicago it has gone. So they have to share a plane with someone else in order to get back in time. They manage to get back in time and so the heart patient and Carter are both taken to the OR's. Soon the woman who found the baby comes back into the ER. Soon when Banfield asks her questions we learn that she is the mother. She says she can't cope and walks out of the ER, even though Banfield chases after her. The mother simply asks that they find him a good home. Luckily both of the organ transplants go well and both of the patients survive. At the end of the episode after his operation we see Carter ringing Kem, to tell her the good news. As the episode ends we see Carol and Doug in bed together, telling each other the words that all the fans have been waiting for "I love you".