Season 15 Episode 19

Old Times

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Carter is being prepped for surgery, his belly is briefly shown being covered with betadine, and there is no laparotomy scar to be seen. In the Season 6 episode "All in the Family," Carter got a full midline incision when he was operated on after being stabbed.

  • Quotes

    • Carter: Very romantic. Deathbed.
      Benton: (smirks) I know your surgeon.

    • Dr. Kurtag: There's been a delay.
      Carter: What kind of delay?
      Dr. Kurtag: No idea. Kidney's coming from the west coast.
      Carter: But they say it's going to happen?
      Dr. Kurtag: They say there's been a delay. Soon as your kidney's in the air, we'll haul you up to pre-op.
      Carter: So... may not happen?
      Dr. Kurtag: What?! You were doing something more important today?

    • Ross: You guys are from Chicago?
      Neela: Yup.
      Ross: Where? I used to work there.
      Sam: County.
      Ross: No kidding. I did my residency there.
      Neela: Really?
      Sam: What?!
      Neela: You were a surgeon?
      Ross: No, Pediatrics. Emergency Pediatrics. Is Kerry Weaver still kicking around?
      Neela: No, she left a couple of years ago.
      Ross: Hmm... Peter Benton? (Sam shakes her head no) Susan Lewis? (Sam shakes her head again)
      Neela: Was, uhm, Abby Lockhart around when you were there?
      Ross: No.
      Sam: Greg Pratt?
      Ross: Nope. (he smiles a bit, looks rueful, then turns to Neela) You're in surgery, right?
      Neela: Yeah.
      Ross: How about Anspaugh?
      Neela: Yup. (she smiles and looks at Sam, who nods with a grin) He's still there.
      Ross: Yeah?
      Neela: Yeah.
      (they all smile and look at each other)
      Ross: (getting up and turning to leave) Well, you say hello to him for me. Tell him Doug Ross said "hi."
      Neela: Sure.

    • Carol: You okay?
      Doug: Just tired.
      Carol: Why don't you go home? You've been on since last night. I can finish this.
      Doug: No, I'm gonna stick around. How were the girls this morning?
      Carol: Complaining. Thursday spelling test.
      Doug: You know, I'm a very good speller.

    • Dr. Brenner: (to Lucy) You know, having someone that you really care about, who you really love, who's sick, that's a lot like running a marathon. Be sure to take one step at the time, one day at the time. But if you keep running and having faith that it'll happen, then one day, eventually, you finish the race.

  • Notes

    • Beginning with this episode, the music used at the opening of the "Previously on ER" segment changes from what was used from Season 13 onwards to a new piece, distinguishable by its three strong opening beats of percussion. This new opening would last through the penultimate episode of the series.

    • When Benton is talking to Carter about his surgeon, he mentions that Dr. Kurtag "trained at the Brigham." Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), in Boston, Massachussetts, is Harvard Medical School's second largest teaching affiliate. BWH represents the 1980 merger of three Harvard-affiliated Boston hospitals: the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, the Robert Breck Brigham Hospital, and the Boston Hospital for Women. Interestingly, the first successful kidney transplant was performed in 1954 at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.

    • George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, and Eriq La Salle all reprise their roles of Dr. Doug Ross, Carol Hathaway, and Dr. Peter Benton, respectively. Clooney left in the Season 5 episode "The Storm (Part 2)" and returned for an uncredited cameo in the Season 6 episode "Such Sweet Sorrow." That episode also marked Margulies's last appearance as a series regular. La Salle left in the Season 8 episode "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and made brief appearances later that season in "It's All in Your Head" and "On The Beach." Like Anthony Edwards and Noah Wyle earlier this season, all three actors are listed in the opening credits as main stars rather than being billed as special guests or as making guest appearances.

    • Previous title: "In Times of Old"

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