Season 15 Episode 19

Old Times

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Ross: You guys are from Chicago?
      Neela: Yup.
      Ross: Where? I used to work there.
      Sam: County.
      Ross: No kidding. I did my residency there.
      Neela: Really?
      Sam: What?!
      Neela: You were a surgeon?
      Ross: No, Pediatrics. Emergency Pediatrics. Is Kerry Weaver still kicking around?
      Neela: No, she left a couple of years ago.
      Ross: Hmm... Peter Benton? (Sam shakes her head no) Susan Lewis? (Sam shakes her head again)
      Neela: Was, uhm, Abby Lockhart around when you were there?
      Ross: No.
      Sam: Greg Pratt?
      Ross: Nope. (he smiles a bit, looks rueful, then turns to Neela) You're in surgery, right?
      Neela: Yeah.
      Ross: How about Anspaugh?
      Neela: Yup. (she smiles and looks at Sam, who nods with a grin) He's still there.
      Ross: Yeah?
      Neela: Yeah.
      (they all smile and look at each other)
      Ross: (getting up and turning to leave) Well, you say hello to him for me. Tell him Doug Ross said "hi."
      Neela: Sure.