Season 11 Episode 1

One for the Road

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2004 on NBC

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  • How to get everyone back...

    I do not know.. I had quite high hopes with this episode. And the start was really well done - the camera work, all the motion and the car crashing to river, they all being trapped and then getting out.. And up on the surface.. struggling... and getting to the ER.. that was really good part of it.

    But then.. there was Neela. I like her char but that kind of helpless and not having no idea what she wants - she is on the wrong place if she wants to find herself.

    And ofcourse Sam. She is the most pointless I think.. to let Alex to fool her.. and then letting Luka to talk her come back. Oh.. I just... it was somehow so fake.
  • Pratt chen and elgin are trapped whilst their car is sinking.

    How ironic that in the end the flashy things on Pratt's car nearly caused his death.Those scenes with them under water kept me on edge and the acting by the three was awesome.I liked the fact Pratt was still giving orders even though he was a patient and his feelings for chen really shone through.It's a shame Elgin died he seemed like a nice kid and that idiot carrying around a gun in his car deserves life imprisonment.

    Abby started her internship woooh along with a very hot Ray.I can't wait to see Abby as a doctor she has such good potential and will be awesome.

    Sam fled once again after the threat of a return from steve but thanks to Alex's mischevious side Luka came and persuaded her to return to her obvious best location.
  • Never let Pratt drive Vol. 2

    This episode was excellent, well maybe not that good but anyway i like it.

    I don't know if i was happy when the car of Partt was sinking and he can't let the windows down, because he was being all cocky with the car and all the stuff it has and now that they need to save theire lives they can use anything of that.

    Was really funny how Dr. Chen and Pratt here giving orden even they were the patients, ans poor Pratt he was so sad because Elgin have died and then he get worse.

    When Alex calls Luka, i was so happy 'cause i know Luka would do something, and it was soooo cool that he drive all that way to "save them"
  • It took me a while to get into this episode.

    It started out the way the season finale ended, with Pratt and Chen and Elgin in the new car, trying to escape the man with a gun. Pratt lost control and wound up in the river. With all three of them injured, Pratt was desperate to find help. In end, ELgin couldn't be saved and Chen was hurt and Pratt had an epidural bleed, and took a trip up to the OR. Before that happened, though, I thought it was funny when Weaver told Pratt back off, or she would check his rectal temp with her crutch.
    Amidst all the drama, we got to meet the new interns, namely Dr. Ray Barnett. Shane West is a fresh new face for ER. Yay!!!
    My heart broke for Carter and Kem, whe spread their son's ashes in the river. He proposed, but she told him she needed some time. Hmm, seems like a recurring theme on the show. At least they love each otehr. That's good enough for me. The last scene by the river was sad, where they looked so secluded and lonely.
    I'm really glad that we got to see Kerry get custody of her son. Since Kerry has had Henry, we get to see her in a different light than what happens at work.
    And last but not least, Abby began her residency a whole 12 hours early. Finally she is the doctor that she always should have been. I loved when Kerry said, "Welcome to County, Dr. Lockhart!" and gave her a lab coat. Then later, Luka told her that the coat suits her. Before that, a patient came rolling in and she started to say, "Hi my name is Ab-" then finished "Dr. Lockhart." I'm really happy that she is now an official doctor.
    Overall, it was a good episode, I guess. It just seemd that it could have been a bit better.
  • This one kept me on edge!

    The moment Pratt's car hit the water, I was standing on my feet, I couldn't sit down and just watch Pratt, Elgin, and Deb DROWN ... no one can watch that! I was so upset! It's horrible! Why would someone want to do this to them? The shooter seemed jealous of Pratt's new car and pissed that Elgin gave him the finger, but it still isn't cool that he did that. There was no closure on if he got arrested or not, which I wish there was, I like closure when it comes to endangering the lives of people I love! I'm glad that Pratt and Deb survived, I was a little worried about Pratt, I wouldn't think he would have been the one to have more trouble then Deb. It's just sad that Elgin died, he was a sweetheart. Do you really think his mother lived at the number Neela was calling when he died? I don't think Elgin "had a mother," you know?

    Abby officially starts her internship! YAY... Dr. Lockhart! She made the transition smoothly, but did you see that she had Elgin die and another patient of hers die as well, and all on her first shift, poor Abby.

    GO ALEX! Way to go for placing that collect call to Luka, at first I thought it was Sam calling, but then I remembered that Sam had a car and a cell phone, and there would be no need for that. Sam seems so stupid for some reason right now! I hope she gets wiser! She's gonna need it.

    We find out that Kerry gets full custody of Henery! YAY! She deserves to have a family! She has done so much! AND She will have a built-in-babysitter with the Lopez's for when she works.

    Carter and Kem put their sons ashes into the river, I cried watching this. :( ... very sad, I don't know if I would have enough strength to do this. Carter also proposed in a very casual way to Kem, and it isn't enough to keep her in Chicago... man this stinks... I want to see Carter happy.

    Very good episode.