Season 3 Episode 22

One More for the Road

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 15, 1997 on NBC
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Season Finale: Mark, still recovering from the attack, vents his emotions in a violent fit in the break room and buys a gun for protection. Carter decides his future lies in emergency medicine, not surgery, and tries to convince an irate Anspaugh likewise. There is friction between Drs. Ross and Del Amico after Doug discharges one of Anna's patients, but the two work together when a severely beaten Charlie is brought to the ER. Benton's son strengthens. Doug and Carol share a kiss. Jeanie and Al are back together.moreless

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  • A well written ending for this adventurous, moving season.

    To think back where all those chars when this season started and to the way the have gone trough so if can be said very well that this episode is conclusive.

    First we will find out that Jeanie and her ex are doing very well and things are good between them. And to be honest, it is very positive to see - to see the smile on her face and when she told about her and him to Weaver, the way that sounded - she is happy and it is best for her.

    Also conclusion comes to Benton and Carla as their baby is out of the danger - he survived. But he might have so so much health problems and it almost seems that he will crack under the burden but we will see it later.

    Another end comes with Carter and OR - he is made his decision and he is ready to work without pay (ok I know that he is reach as I have seen later episodes but in this point, he surprises the audience.) He cares and they way he does it with his heart.

    And Doug... Charlie story maybe ends too. She comes in just so we could learn what have happened with her. And she leaves and is out of their reach again.

    Doug has another conclusion too - he finally makes a move towards Carol. I think that was long expected as the story is just going that way.

    and Green... maybe he managed to find a peace with his troubles too. The scene by the river might have looked like that.

    Anyway, well written, very conclusive and moving.moreless
  • One of the best ER season finales it leaves you coming back for more. The status of Greene's development, what will happen to Benton's baby, Will Carter stay in emergency medicine? How about Doug and Carol. Good Finale!moreless

    The episode primarily focuses on Benton and Carla's baby. After getting word that things might night exactly be that great for their son the two of them wait to see what the situation will be. The next storyline is the most interesting, which is what will happen to Dr. Greene. After being attacked he doesn't seem the same and this episode showcases that he might not exactly be right and Carter of course after yelling at Anspaugh over surgery where will his profession lie? and of course whether Doug and Carol will get back together. Probably the most interesting plot line is Mark Greene who becomes psychotic and toward the end of the episode while being targeted in a Subway with some hooligans pulls out a gun scaring them back into the train. Things don't seem so well for the good Doctor. Then the second most intriguing line is Carter and Anspaugh, Carter doesn't want to be in surgery anymore and sick of Anspaugh on his nerves he finally yells at him. After meeting Anspaugh at a Parking Lot, Carter explains his case to switch from surgery to Emergency medicine and gets his wish fulfilled by Anspaugh ofcourse starting over as an Intern. Then there is Doug and Carol who share a kiss, what will this account to? Overall good finalemoreless
  • Season 3 finale. Awesome!

    Mark is still shaken up over his recent attack.

    He gets a gun, then later throws it into the river.

    Dr. Carter challenges Dr. Anspaugh and defends his right to switch to Emergency medicine.

    Later Dr. Anspaugh talks to Carter in the parking lot and says that something can be worked out so he can switch.

    Carol goes on a date only to return home to find Doug at her house. They kiss (how adorable, & finally)

    Carrie and Jeanie talk about Al and Jeanie getting back together after all that has happened.

    Charlie comes into the ER as an OD. Doug tries to find a place for her, she runs away when he isn't looking.

Nan Martin

Nan Martin

Mrs. Curwane

Guest Star

Maria Bello

Maria Bello

Dr. Anna Del Amico

Guest Star

Shashawnee Hall

Shashawnee Hall

Det. Ford

Guest Star

Abraham Benrubi

Abraham Benrubi


Recurring Role

Jorja Fox

Jorja Fox

Dr. Maggie Doyle

Recurring Role

John Aylward

John Aylward

Dr. Donald Anspaugh

Recurring Role

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    • Doug: You want to get something to eat?
      Anna: As in "something to eat," or as in something to eat... that leads to something else?
      Doug: As in "something to eat." Anna: (smiles) How long ago did that nurse Carol Hathaway and you break up?
      Doug: A long time ago.

    • Carter: (to Dr. Anspaugh) I can be a competent surgeon. I can learn the techniques, the mechanics, but I'll never be a great surgeon. Dr. Anspaugh, I can be a great doctor; a doctor who spends time with his patients, who's there for them. I'm good at it. Really good.

    • Anspaugh: Dr. Carter.
      Carter: Uh... I'm not coming.
      Anspaugh: You're what?
      Carter: I have a patient who needs my attention.
      Anspaugh: Rounds are a prerequisite for this program, Doctor.
      Carter: So is patient care.
      Anspaugh: You come to rounds today or don't ever come to rounds again.
      Carter: I'll be there if and when I can!

    • Charlie: Who's the cheerleader?
      Ross: That's Dr. Del Amico. She took care of you when you first came in.

    • Anspaugh: Are you intentionally trying to irritate me, Dr. Carter?
      Carter: No, sir.
      Anspaugh: Then speak up!

    • Anna: (about Charlie) How old?
      Doug: 14.
      Carol: Going on 40.

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    • Anspaugh: (to Carter, about his leaving surgery) Good! And if I ever hear this crap coming out of your mouth again, the only medicine you will be practicing is picking out a cough suppressant for yourself down at the Jewel.
      Jewel is a supermarket chain that has 185 stores spread out across northern, central, and western Illinois, as well as eastern Iowa and portions of northwest Indiana.