Season 11 Episode 11

Only Connect

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2005 on NBC

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  • A lack of communication...

    For a some time, they have had problems on ER with low opinion and they are not good with patients - to, now it has to change. Luka has lately, anyway, taken Neela under his wing and tried to teacher her to become better doctor. And it looks to me that she is starting to have some crush on him.

    Ok, Abby is back but she is still quite traumatized and wants to run away, until she meets a quite charming med student on EL and returns..

    And Sam.. She is sick and tired that Luka tries to control her life but in the end, everything falls back where it used to be.
  • Abby's back but to early..? The residents are given a lesson in bedside manner and an unlikely pair become roomates.

    I enjoyed this episode the residents were all panicky thinking one of them was going to get fired, turns out the "discussion room" was being painted.The constant pestering had a slight affect on their manners particularly Pratt although i like his philosophy of the more time you spend chatting the less you can help he is arrogant at times.

    So Abby was back i don't know if that was wise as soon as she shouted at Neela but hey if you get bored.The way they showed her being paranoid was very well scripted the eyes of the patients was great and had an uncanny resemblance to the boys from the last episode.I liked Abby's interaction with Jake , she obviously likes him and he speaks alot of sense on some level that drew her out of her Dark period.

    That lawyer wasn't particularly funny more of a filler tool but the scenes with the mixed up patients was dreadful to watch; being told your grandson is dead/alive then finding out he is infact alive/dead would be horrific to go through.

    So Ray and Neela as roomates that should be interesting after their stormy past ;)

    A well scripted epi.!
  • Don't be rude!!

    I haven't like very much the latest episode of ER, it's just as if they had no better thing to do, and just write very out of the point episodes, the lawer guy wasn't great or funny.

    Only of one thing i'm glad, we finally see some time of Luka/Sam :D, but where is alex, they mencion him, but no where to be seen, i miss him, he is very cute and very clever. I like this Neela look, she dosen't look anymore as a little girl, she is now a grown woman, and think that you can take that great look only with you're haire.

    I hate sooo much Dubenko you, don't know how much,