Season 12 Episode 16

Out on a Limb

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Usual day in ER...

    Oh, after I have taken long break from ER, it was quite enjoyable to see the episode - the whole atmosphere, the whole thing going on. So, I could say I have positive feelings and emotions but thinking back more, I have to say - it was nothing too special. It was the whole same thing, seen so many times. It is every time little different but somehow - it is constantly repeating itself.

    To not think on the major way it was going, this episode had many pearls. Weaver and her talk about what she will give up with the operation - it will make her walk without cane. That has always been part of her life and the way others see it as a mistake... for her.. it is natural. I have felt the same way with many things about me - what are so me, but others think that it should be other way. So, it was very sympathizing and great part of the episode.

    Also Neela and that club - the way she saw the things and others. A different point of view and worth it all.
  • Made me think!

    I really enjoyed this episode for a number of reasons. I was looking forward to Luka and Abby, but then I always do, and I wasn’t disappointed there. They are slowly getting closer and closer and are now sharing things. Surely it’s only a matter of time before one of them says those three little words? The scene in the ambulance bay was sweet, with Abby begging to be allowed to worry and Luka offering to worry along with her. I love the chemistry between these two.

    Poor Neela and her biohazard cookies! She was obviously upset to be told they were so awful, but thank goodness she found out before taking them along to the army spouses meeting. She had a bad enough time there as it was without poisoning them all.

    Glad Pratt realised (with a little prompting from Neela) that he needed to own up to what he’d done for his friend. Luka handled the situation well; I think his carefully controlled anger was probably far more effective than shouting and ranting at Pratt would have been. I think Pratt is going to be in for a bit of a shock when he arrives in Africa. (I’d just like to add that Luka can discipline me anytime – he’s HOT when he’s angry!)

    The storyline that really made me think was Kerry Weavers decision whether or not to have the surgery on her hip. At first I couldn’t see why she was putting it off, thinking that if she was in pain she would just want it fixed, but of course it is more complicated than that to her. She has never known life any different, has always been disabled and can’t imagine how her life will change or how she will define herself without her disability. Although the exact opposite, she was going through the same range of emotions that an able bodied person must go through if they become disabled. Thank you for making me think about her situation in a bit more depth.
  • Not the best, but still amazing. Season 12 rlz!

    This was not the season's best, but after 'Darfur' anything would be great =)

    I was very surprised at the whole Kerry-Abby friendship. I never imagined they were so close. But it was so beautiful that Kerry wanted Abby & Luka as little Henry's guardians, it showed how much she has changed over eleven years. I also can't imagine ER without Dr. Weaver's crutch. Although it was very sad to see Kerry's pain about leaving this bis part of her behind, I kept imagining Carter, Susan, Doug, Carol, Elizabeth, Romano, Mark, Malucci, Benton and everyone seeing her without it.

    Finally they gave poor Linda Cardellini a storyline. Now that Sam and Luka have broken up and Luka's having a baby with Abby, I can like Sam again. I think it'll be a big change for her and the show, and it can be pretty great. Linda Cardellini's a great actress and she did a good job on this episode.

    Neela was, as always, surprising. I did not see that little speech about how awful the Iraq War is and american's "pseudopatriotism" (her words, not mine) coming. She just said what many, many people around the world think. Maybe not in the US, but certainly everywhere else in the world.

    I missed Luka and Abby together, but the episode was good anyway. It showed how ER works without its main characters appearing all the time. A big change from the last two seasons, where without Carter ER was nothing. Way to go, writers! =)
  • I thought it was just okay, not my favorite this season. I think Kerry's story was well overdue and I'm glad they did it, but I'm still waiting for the writers to delve more into Abby's pregnancy.

    I think it was important to Abby's overall development that Kerry asked her to be Henry's guardian, but I was a little surprised. Didn't realize they were that close. I was really hoping for more about Luka & Abby. It seems like they're skipping right over all the pivotal things about Abby's pregnancy that we all want to see. She obviously had a photo of her sonogram, but we didn't get to see her and Luka at the doctor's office, experiencing this together? Actually, we haven't seen any of Abby's ob-gyn visits. Understand that this is a medical ER drama, however it's also character driven and I wish they'd give us more of this engaging couple!
  • Fantastic! Things are definitely gonna change now!

    I can't imagine ER without Kerry's crutch... Its gonna have a massive impact on the whole place! Its been there for as long as I can remember, and has been her weapon of choice various times against the rabble in the hospital. I can't wait for next week... :P. Classic ER!
  • pretty good...but really not what i expected

    this episode was pretty impressing. They got Kerry back in the picture and that makes me glad. I really liked how she asked Abby to be the legal guardian of Henry. Abby replies by saying that Luka's a part of her life too so Henry would be in his hands as well. I really think that they should spend more time with Luka and Abby. They have come so far and that really impresses me. They make a really good couple and I don't want anything else really bad to happen to Abby. Even thought they didn't focus on their preview it turned out to be a prett good episode. Thats what ER is all about!

    The big question I have is....Will they show Abby and Luka when they have their baby? or will they make it like the summer goes by and they have a baby?

    I hope its the first one.
  • Good episode, but not what I expected...

    While I enjoyed the stuff with Luka and Abby and Kerry and Abby, they seemed to kind of forget the disease storyline. They made a big deal over Abby not wanting to take the antidote, but they only briefly mentioned how it played it. I expecting it to be the more important storyline of the episode, but they forgot about it in the second half of the episode. My favorite parts of the episode were with Kerry and Abby; they have seemed to forget Kerry lately, and bringing her back, and remembering her friendship was Abby was very good. I liked that Kerry asked Abby to be Henry's guardian if anything happened. Another thing I liked was the conversation between Abby and Neela; it seems like they forgot they were friends for a while. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this episode.
  • Great!

    I don't think Kerry was afraid to have hip replacement surgery. If you'll remember back when Peter's son, Reece, was deaf and Peter was considering cochlear implants, Kerry told Peter to go see a certain "specialist". The specialist turned out to be a deaf doctor, much to Peter's surprise. It was her opinion Peter would be taking away Reece's identity. Kerry actually said that---"Who will I be? I've always been a disabled person" She couldn't identify with this new person-to-be.
  • Out on A Limb

    From the beginning I thought it would be another episode centered around a potential disease epidemic and was rather surprised when that part of the show was over in aboug twenty minutes. So here's what it was really about.
    Luka and Abby grow closer-Luka couldn't understand why she worried so much and she tried to explain it to him. He then offered to worry along with her, in essence to be by her side no matter what. I am pleasantly surprised at nthe turn they have taken with Abby and Luka- if anyone was watching when they were together the first times their breakup was on of the most brutal things I've seen on TV.
    Pratt is worrying about his career. He told Luka what he had done in the previous episode-by not reporting something he had found out about an accident-his license may be suspended or even worse.
    Kerry makes a decision about whether or not to have surgery to help her hip. She has cancelled the surgery three times when the episode begins. Then during a trauma she drops something she has a hard time picking up. Surgery is scary and I do not deny that but my firend has arthritis and she has two hip replacements! One done when she was seventeen, one at eighteen so it bothered me that Kerry couldn't suck it up and go through with it. But, as I said I have a biased opinion. Before surgery she had a touching moment with Abby,asking her to be Henry's legal guardian if something were to happen to her.
    I support Neela and how she feels. I know many people who feel the same.
    That was about all the parts worth mentioning in Out on A Limb.
  • good episode

    I really liked it alot of charecter devolpment, I loved Luka and Abby together, the are moving closer and closer to a couple, the sonagram picture, I wish we would of had more there but still OK, I managed to guess the mystery illness and was pretty happy avout that, loved Armand Assante, loved the intreaction of Abby and Kerry, funny parts withNMeelas cookies, political staements at the spouses dinner were a bit blatent but a good episode
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