Season 12 Episode 16

Out on a Limb

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Not the best, but still amazing. Season 12 rlz!

    This was not the season's best, but after 'Darfur' anything would be great =)

    I was very surprised at the whole Kerry-Abby friendship. I never imagined they were so close. But it was so beautiful that Kerry wanted Abby & Luka as little Henry's guardians, it showed how much she has changed over eleven years. I also can't imagine ER without Dr. Weaver's crutch. Although it was very sad to see Kerry's pain about leaving this bis part of her behind, I kept imagining Carter, Susan, Doug, Carol, Elizabeth, Romano, Mark, Malucci, Benton and everyone seeing her without it.

    Finally they gave poor Linda Cardellini a storyline. Now that Sam and Luka have broken up and Luka's having a baby with Abby, I can like Sam again. I think it'll be a big change for her and the show, and it can be pretty great. Linda Cardellini's a great actress and she did a good job on this episode.

    Neela was, as always, surprising. I did not see that little speech about how awful the Iraq War is and american's "pseudopatriotism" (her words, not mine) coming. She just said what many, many people around the world think. Maybe not in the US, but certainly everywhere else in the world.

    I missed Luka and Abby together, but the episode was good anyway. It showed how ER works without its main characters appearing all the time. A big change from the last two seasons, where without Carter ER was nothing. Way to go, writers! =)
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