Season 12 Episode 16

Out on a Limb

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Usual day in ER...

    Oh, after I have taken long break from ER, it was quite enjoyable to see the episode - the whole atmosphere, the whole thing going on. So, I could say I have positive feelings and emotions but thinking back more, I have to say - it was nothing too special. It was the whole same thing, seen so many times. It is every time little different but somehow - it is constantly repeating itself.

    To not think on the major way it was going, this episode had many pearls. Weaver and her talk about what she will give up with the operation - it will make her walk without cane. That has always been part of her life and the way others see it as a mistake... for her.. it is natural. I have felt the same way with many things about me - what are so me, but others think that it should be other way. So, it was very sympathizing and great part of the episode.

    Also Neela and that club - the way she saw the things and others. A different point of view and worth it all.
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