Season 12 Episode 16

Out on a Limb

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on NBC



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    • (a patient is talking about how he got his injury, and Abby abruptly interrupts him)
      Abby: Oh!
      Patient: What?
      Abby: I... I just felt my baby move for the first time.
      Patient: It's all about you, isn't it!

    • Morris: Hey, Abby, what do you think Pratt and your baby daddy are talking about in [Trauma] one? Looks pretty serious.
      Abby: Uhm, maybe they're talking about you.
      Morris: You think?

    • Abby: Morris, you have the handwriting of a serial killer.

    • Kerry: Alright, who left a kielbasa in the drug fridge? This is a clear JCHAO violation. Who doesn't know that?
      Abby: I'm guessing Frank, His name's on it.
      Kerry: Well, tell him to keep his sausage to himself.

    • Abby: Got anything for me, Chief?
      Morris: Oh, yes. For you: Anal warts.
      Abby: Every girl's dream.

    • Abby: Buy you a free cup of coffee?
      Kerry: That's very generous.

    • Luka: It's gonna be fine. Just don't let your mind go and stress you out.
      Abby: I'm already stressed.
      Luka: I'll buy you hot chocolate, make you feel better.
      Abby: I don't want hot chocolate. I don't want to feel better. What I want to do, is worry about the baby.
      Luka: What?
      Abby: Don't reassure me! Don't tell me everything is gonna be fine. Don't...
      Luka: Buy you hot chocolate?
      Abby: I'm serious!
      Luka: Don't you think I'd be concerned if there's any chance that something can happen to you or the baby?
      Abby: So what? Now I'm the crazy one?
      Luka: I didn't say that! We're in this together.
      Abby: Really?
      Luka: Yeah. 100 percent.
      Abby: Really?
      Luka: Yeah.
      Abby: Well it feels more like 60/40 to me... Sometimes I'm completely terrified. And I just need to worry about it now and then, and I need you to let me do that.
      Luka: Would it help if I worried along with you?
      Abby: We could try that, yeah.
      Luka: How long should we worry?
      Abby: Ten or twenty minutes.
      Luka: Two hot chocolates, please.

    • Neela: Frank, I'm leaving. I need my cookies.
      Frank: (looking around) Fellas?
      Neela: Today would be nice.
      Ray: Hey Neela, we need to have a talk.
      Morris: Yeah, uhm... Because we care about you...
      Neela: (cutting Morris off) Since when?
      Frank: You know, it just makes this more difficult if you're a...
      Neela: Have you all been hit on the head with a mallet? What are you blathering on about?
      Frank: Your cookies.
      Neela: My cookies?
      Morris: Yeah, uhm... After careful consideration from your ER peers, plus Hector in janitorial services...
      Frank: Just the feeling is, your cookies are...
      Ray: The worst cookies ever made in the history of baking.
      Neela: (laughingly) Shut up. (long, silent pause, then angrily, while leaving) Bollocks to you all!
      Morris: (calling after Neela) The truth hurts!

    • (After Pratt has told him about faking the blood test)
      Luka: What would you do? What would you do if you were me, huh? What would you do? Would you risk your career for someone who did what you did?

    • (Discussing the Iraq war)
      Neela: I haven't seen any weapons of mass destruction, have you?

    • Neela: Is Luka being overprotective?
      Abby: He just doesn't understand that sometimes the baby needs a hot fudge sundae at night.

    • Morris: Did you hit your head when you passed out?
      Richard Elliott: I don't think so, but then I was unconscious at the time.

    • Frank: I'd better not get this thing, I can't even pronounce it!

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