Season 14 Episode 14

Owner of a Broken Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Abby is finally on her way to Croatia to see Kovac, we meet the newest doctor, Simon Brenner, and Sam and Gates' relationship heats up.

    The episode started and I had to check my guide to make sure that I was watching ER and not Grey's Anatomy. Simon Brenner, the newest attending at County General is introduced as a ladies man by being in bed with, not one, but two beautiful women. He tells the ladies that he desperately has to go so he won't be late on his first date, and one girl tries to persuade him to stay by giving him...well you know. Seriously, I was a little disgusted because when did ER become all about sex and not about the medical drama it is supposed to be? Now, there was some parts of the episode that devotees like myself have been waiting to find out...what is going on with Luka and Abby? I love these two together and it totally peed me off when Abby had the affair with Moretti and the fact that she had resorted back to alcohol to hide her emotions and still try and practice medicine. Anyways, the way that this was written with the flashbacks and the mentoring by Janet Coburn, Abby really has overcome a lot. As a huge fan of this show, I know that Abby has been through a lot, but it also is good to know that she admitted she has the problem, she came clean to Kovac, who already knew, and she got on a plane and flew to Croatia to be with him. For that aspect, I can't wait to see what ER is going to do with Abby and Luka's relationship. Finally, we get to Sam and Tony's tryst. These two are perfect for each other for so many reasons: First, they both have a child (I know that Sarah is not really Tony's, but what a perfect way to bring Sarah and Alex back into the show). Second, they both are totally hot and last, they both have been hurt by ones they loved. I was a little taken aback when Gates told Sam to go take a nap in Exam 4 and then he joined her and they started to go at it hot and heavy! That was a little unneccesary, but at the same time, I can understand that these two are just so desperate for each other's love, they couldn't wait! But I have to ask, what if someone needed to use Exam 4? Can't wait until next week, hopefully it will be a little more detailed.
  • Abby dealing with her mess

    So we have little looks back in time with Abby who tries to figure out what she will do with her life as she feels she has wasted all the changes she deserves and she does not admit the things she has done. So we have little annoying "put yourself together" moments what develop nothing.

    We also have ER with another new doctor who again adds nothing. With all those new people around, Skye has been the best. And we learn Julia is gone what I am sad but it was coming. And Gates does not morn long.

    The best part was Morris and his crazy experiment
  • A lot of this episode was shown in flashback, but they were all Luby clips!

    This one's for you.... all Luby fans

    In this episode not too much happened. We have a new doctor in County, who is called Dr. Simon Brenner. Through the episode I didn't really like him; I thought that he was a bit too full of himself. He also seems to like to work alone and everyone seems to like him apart from me and Pratt. The new doc seems to like working alone. Gates & Sam are moving forward in their relationship. After this discussed their kiss, they decide not to do anything else, as he has a girlfriend. Sam later discovers that his girlfriend, Julie has quit and that they have broken up. Later in the episode Sam and Gates hook up (in every sense of the word) in one of the on-call rooms. Most of this episode was filled full of Abby & Luka (Luby) flashbacks. Ok, don't get me wrong I love Luby, but it felt like a whole episode around flashbacks of them in the past. We find out that Abby still hasn't gone to Croatia and we also discover that when Abby was in rehab Luka flew back to visit her. It is then revealed that Luka has quite County. Luka asks her for the truth .Abby sponsor helps her go to the airport. Abby admits to her sponsor that she drank/was drunk at work. Abby goes to Croatia and meets Kovac. They hug. Perfect.

    Morris has to do an experiment and can get no one willing to be his volunteer. So in the end he volunteers himself and everyone is in the room watching him. Greg steps up to shock him, but it goes a little bit wrong. Also there is a patient brings his girlfriend to the ER with heart problems. We later learn that she ha had a heart transplant and that the heart which she has relieved is from the dead fiancée of her current friend who is in the hospital with her. He has since become obsessed with her. Gates talks him round to see sense about the situation and the guy goes home. After watching the episode all I can say is this, I love Luby to death and I hope that Dr. Brenner is not Luka's replacement. He doesn't hold candle to him.
  • Abby reflects on the state of things as she flies to Croatia. Pratt reflects on the state of things as he deals with a teacher who won't teach. Morris reflects on the state of things when he needs a volunteer for a grant funding study.

    Sheesh. Could they have possibly created a more 'cad creating' scene for television?? A guy is in bed with two nubile blondes and whining about needing to get to work. Meet County's newest ER attending - Simon Brenner - cocky smile, cocky attitude, really not understandable Australian accent. Already off to a not good start with this viewer. Pratt is clearly in charge and calls Simon to task for not being a 'teacher' in a teaching hospital. Simon's response is that he knows right away when one is destined to be a doctor and his two stuents do not pass muster. He will happily help them find their way to a new career. Pratt is dumbfounded. Morris is making himself a pest as he canvases EVERYONE to be the subject....for his grant funding study. No one is willing to oblige him. In the end he has himself connected to multiple lines and with Frank, Chuny and Sam looking on, has Pratt taser him. When the taser gun malfunctions, he ends up being the receiving end of the taser for 2 minutes rather than the planned miniscule seconds. Better than he had planned actually. Even more data for his study! Best line of the story, as he is looking up at the surrounding concerned faces: "I'd hug you guys but I can't move my arms." What I thought would be a stupid story line actually drew a belly laugh. : )

    And on to the story of greatest interest... Janet Coburn - who we learned earlier this season is Abby's AA sponsor - arrives to take Abby to her flight to Croatia. Through their conversations we are treated to some flashbacks that bring us up to date on the story. Luka visited Abby in her rehab facility. Rather coldly he informs her that he has quit his job at the hospital and that he and Joe are happy in Croatia. He says they will see 'where they are at' when she is finished with rehab in deciding whether she is to meet them there. Coburn reveals that Luka visited her at the hospital as well. He demands information that she cannot give him...rants about how her alcoholism has affected HER family. Coburn fairly pushes Abby toward her plane. On board Abby is reflecting on their entire relationship with flashbacks to beautifully pivotal moments - their first kiss in the ambulance bay, the snowglobe, the first kiss of Luby II, 'I'm pregnant' and her wedding vows- interspersed with a glimpse of Luka driving (apparently to the airport in Croatia) and the haunting music of 'Ache'. We see Abby making her way through customs, glimpsing a serious Luka waiting for her, crossing the waiting area - and in an interesting, very telling camera shot - we see her red carry on bag dropping to the floor and the camera scanning upwards as she wraps herself in a warm, welcoming hug. Welcoming maybe...we see just a hint of a smile from Luka. These two are amazing. Their mere hugs carry so much more affection, meaning and sexual energy than other actors do with more revealing scenes. Dang.

    There were two major patient lines that in themselves were good but felt manipulating given the Luby story line. Two women from a nursing who later confesses that she is sorry she hurt the other. The other confesses that she is sorry she didn't catch her with all of her strength. Sheesh. The other was a heart transplant patient that had developed a friendship with her heart donor's fiancee. The finacee needed to learn to let go, diffcult in knowing that the 'heart' would go on to a life he would not be a apart of. Double sheesh.

    And THEN we get a tired Sam and Gates yucking it up in the call room. Ripping clothing, rising hips, smashing bodies. Eeww. I like them together but honestly.....give me a hug with Abby and Luka over this kind crap ANY day. If I wanted to see 'Grey's", I would watch 'Grey's". Triple Sheesh.
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