Season 15 Episode 4

Parental Guidance

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on NBC

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  • Another great episode

    In this episode of ER the following happens. We see that Lushun is back at work. The new Chief of the ER is attacked as she goes for coffee, but she manages to defend herself. We learn that Neela and Ray have been in contact since he left by both IM's and phone calls. We learn that Sarah went to get a tongue ring the night before with her friends. Gates freaks out about it. A patient, a 13 year old girl, comes into the ER. Her mother claims that she fell but the girl claims that "she" pushed her. They ask the mother about it and she denies it all. Gates asks Sam if she will have the sex talk with Sarah for him, and she says no. The doctors now believe that it was the sister who pushed her and not the mother. Child services are called in and believe that the mother isn't suitable to look after the children and so both of them are taken off of her. Next thing we know the little girl has been set on fire. Luckily she seems ok, but her sister was in the room. The little girl admits that she pushed her sister and that she was lying about her mother abusing both of them. She says that watching her sisters legs burned made her feel really good. She flips out when she is told that she will have to stay in the hospital.
  • Dealing with control and guidance...

    So, this episode they have family relationships on focus on all the possible ways. The most outstanding story is a young girl who fell and tho doctors think mother might have been involved but no - it is the sister and the way she is so scary and so innocent and so angry - a well acted and great char. And the way she left.. wow..

    And then there is a father and son and some past troubles and Gates have his own worries with his little girl who is starting to grow up and this all is backstory for Banfield, who has her own fears.