Season 15 Episode 4

Parental Guidance

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on NBC



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    • (Gates is leaning against the desk, yawning)
      Banfield: Am I boring you, Dr. Gates?
      Gates: Oh, sorry. It's the 6 a.m. shift--my brain is here, but my body isn't.

    • (talking about a patient that asked Morris out)
      Morris: She's a call girl. (pause) Yeah, a whore, an escort.
      Sanchez: So, it's even better than I thought. (Morris walks away) We're all whores. You prescribe antibiotics from some drug companies that give you stethoscopes and free lunch. Whore!

    • Brenner: I'm not going to beg, but one day you are going to wake up next to me, and you are going to wonder, how did this happen? And I'm going to smile and remind you that I predicted this over coffees and chocolate glazed donuts.
      Neela: You are a cocky bastard.
      Brenner: Yeah, but I'd be a correct cocky bastard, and that's all that would matter.

    • Neela: (to Brenner) The awkward shag on a horrible day doesn't count as sleeping with you. It counts as poor judgement.

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